Whenever I’m shooting subjects in low light, I try to use my body as a tripod. It’s a great way to shoot portraits (and I don’t have to lug around another bag of camera equipment.) Shooting Gazoota, though, might have been one of the most difficult for me. I couldn’t stop dancing! I’d only ever heard the band practice before this show, so to hear the little bits and pieces put together was incredible. They are truly such a talented musical group and I forsee a great future in their musical career. ~because I am obviously I fortune teller~

Check out their website:

And soundcloud:

Catch us THIS Thursday at @almostholden in #SantaMonica with @_fartbarf_ #PolyanAndTheJohnsonSisteers #ChurchOfTheSun #Gazoota
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#TPR on at 10pm Sharp!
#THEPOCKETROCKETS #LiveMusic #VeniceBeach #almostholdencollective

I had fun last night. I think we all did. I also learned a lot. Like, don’t hang those letters on that pvc pipe or else they will fall on Chairman while he is trying to play drums. Despite the collapse, I think that the whole night went pretty smoothly. There were tons of July babies there! Including Chairman, Greg King, Huff, and Bobby who got to sit on the red horse while I serenaded him.

If you didn’t make it, then you missed out on the premier of the Glass Sun video. But don’t worry, we plan on having it online in the near future.

We ended the night with a live rendition of Oh Boy Les Mecs’ YKWYR remix. I don’t know if we will be performing that live again, but you can check out the remix here.

In the words of Faul Revere, Owner of the Garden Grove Charity Shoppe pictured above, “It just gets better and better”. We have even more planned for  next week, so rest up and look forward to continuing our chaotic ascent.

Gonna be a great show tomorrow night! It’s also one of the last shows you will ever see at Detroit Bar. The place has been bought by a person with little heart and little brains who will be turning it into a “Gastropub”. A Gastropub will not be giving you free anything, will not enrich your mind, and will not inflate your soul. You will only be able to exchange your moneys for food. If you have enough moneys.
Rant said, the show is going to be 100% free and wonderful. Be there!


A very special guest vocalist will be joining us tonight at Los Globos! Hint?? It’s not David Braun!

Los Globos w Vinyl Williams HOTT MT & Gazoota

We have some beautiful friends. You know them as Vinyl Williams and Gazoota, we know them as our psychic comrades, and Ashi knows Lionel as her brother. We have the opportunity to take over Los Globos on Wednesday evening! There will be videos, jungles, puppets, alcohol,and lets not forget…MUSIC.


Los Globos

Wed Feb. 20th

Doors at 8



!!!! (Click the alien Thai coin for the FB event page) !!!!

Tonight will be night two of our residency at the Echo! As usual, there will be treats for those in attendance, including the premier of the short film/music video we have been working on with our friend, Greg King. The image up top is a still from it, and the song featured is Glass Sun. This video won’t manifest itself online for a little while, so get yourself to the show if you want to see it!

There are several birthday’s we are going to be celebrating tonight, including Greg’s, AND Chairman Towel’s. Chairman plays drums frighteningly well. He is my favorite drummer as well as a sparkling individual. If you have a birthday, let me know at the show. I made you a birthday present. 

And to all those who came last week, I hope you enjoyed the little video we made for you. There won’t be a password this week, this Monday is all instant gratification. Get there early for our good friends, Gazoota, Tapioca and the Flea, and Oh Boy Les Mecs…I hear there’s gonna be all sorts of band crossover!

Halloween in Our Hearts!

Last night was one of the best nights we have had in a long time. We want to thank all of the music makers, and party people who made the night so wonderful. Love to Gazoota, Moon Roof, Rainbow Jackson, all of the men in drag and freestyle rappers. 

There are few things better than listening to live music, wearing costumes, and indulging with bizarre people. Everyone did a great job chasing away spirits, or summoning spirits, or hiding from spirits…whatever went on, it was a kick ass Halloween. 

Old man, Cowboy, Haruko, Zordon, Atreyu, Paradise, & Barnacle Boy 

Troll Pilgrim (note the belly jewel) 

Best moment of the night: Getting to physically assault Zordon during Never Hate Again!!!!

Worst moment: WHO HAS THE LOCK TO THE WAREHOUSE GATE!!!!!! Give it back to me (Ashi)


If you want to come to the party, things will be getting started around 10, or thereabouts. Google maps will get you to the general area, but you will need this map to get you to your final destination. There will be a ton of music, including us, Gazoota and Rainbow Jackson, as well as a bunch of weird eclectic goings ons and jam sessions. Wear a costume, or don’t come. I’m serious.


Halloween Party (PLUS)

Same party! Now with extra Gazoota! If you are looking at this poster right now, you are invited to come hang out for a night of music, friends, and candy corn. But seriously, wear a costume, or don’t come. BYOB.