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I don’t think my parents ever loved each other. They must’ve married for some reason. My mom was young. My dad was older, but he had a cushy job, money, came from a good family. So they bought a nice house at the end of the cul-de-sac… and started their nuclear family. Screw that. Yeah. Screw that.

A concept: jason running around like a wild child across manor grounds during the summer and getting a nice even burn through gotham’s cloud cover for his troubles.

jason’s red-burnt cheeks fading into constellations of freckles dotting his cheeks and nose.

old matronly socialites pinching his newly freckled face and cooing.

bruce’s eyes sparkling with poorly hidden amusement and agreeing that his son’s freckles were precious as jason grumps and folds his arms with indignation.

alfred lecturing jason on proper skin care in the sun and dragging bruce into it bc he’s constantly chiding bruce into employing proper parental procedures.

bruce ofc can’t help but go overboard; he’s BATMAN and he’s incredibly thorough in whatever task he takes on, up to and including proper sun protection and skin care.

jason groaning at the freakin’ hour long powerpoint presentation bruce has put together and telling him to take a chill pill. 

it’s one measley sunburn. and jason is absolutely protesting having to watch this presentation with a gazilion charts and horrifying pictures of misshapen moles and melanoma.

it’s inhumane. it’s against the geneva convention. he’ll sue.

I have some nathan sketches which i cannot use for ask because:
a/i don’t like these sketches all that much
b/i was thinking about the characterization and i missed a bit with those
c/i’d like to keep my ask more sfw

but still, there is already some time/effort in these + almost noone actually draws nathan, so i don’t want to just throw it away. some pics under the cut then, R15 i guess? sharks and ships? 

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NamSong analysis (full)

Author: isabelbunz

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Firstly please forgive our bad english translation cuz the original work is in vietnamese and we tried our best to bring the “entire” feelings to share with you guys. It’s pretty long (well actually REALLY long) to read but I think all shippers who truly believe in NamSong would find this really interesting and touching. Now it’s time to enjoy ;)

THIS POST IS TO ANALYSE THE ANSWER FOR THE QUESTION: “Who is Mino when he’s with Taehyun?” as well as “while being around Mino, which hidden sides of Taehyun were recovered?  

(For Namsong shippers only :3 )

To fully answer the above questions, I thought it is necessary to properly analyse: Who is Mino??? How is he like around everyone??? And from there we will find out why Taehyun is special!! And also the same other way around with Taehyun. è I wanna discuss personality types to learn people’s feeling.

So who is Mino?? I have always been telling all my Aces friends that Mino has a very special personality (of course, each individual is special in his own way – what I mean is that these are what I have seen in Mino through every details I have observed from WIN and WINNERTV)

First of all, Mino is an Aries boy (a fire type zodiac sign). And some of Aries’s specific personalities were shown through Mino, like how he always seems to be so lively and carefree. Mino and his friens (mostly BlockB) are the type of boys that seem really active all the time. They would play around, making jokes with each other, be happy and funny all day, always full of energy to the point of no end, and they would probably be like that till the end of life if needed to… Regardless of how tired or stressful they really were, if needed to, they would show their widest smile anytime. I call that expressive capability. This is quite normal in real life, which an average person could look happy from the outside while never actually show their true inner thought. However, within the showbiz, to the people that works in front of the camera all the time; this expressive capability will slowly become a skill that majority of the idols would eventually form over time.

We often hear many stories of this or that idol admitted or got told that he/she being different behind camera. We can actually see this clearly from the boys through their recent clip about them PR for NII in winter that lasts over 4 mins. In order  to promote the brand, Seungyoon and Mino showed the expressions that formed through their own experiences, Seunghoon and Jinwoo showed their own natural skill of being easily and naturaly adapt to any situation, Taehyun however showed his own unique personality (will discuss about this later). This is the reason why those that have been following them from WIN to WinnerTV could see how the cold and rough rapper turned into a happy silly little kid that loves to play around, does silly things and shines brightly and together with Seunghoon even formed their own dumb and dumber line…

Actually, it had only really started from the beginning of WINNERTV, as a man who had experienced being an idol, Mino knew exactly what to do in other to make the reality show interesting and catchy. Different from those first few episodes of WIN, Mino in WINNERTV wore an expressive mask, a very natural mask together with his own skill. This was proven clearly in episode 3 of WINNERTV, when Mino showed his true face without realising the hidden camera trick. I’m confident that this was the same rapper Mino that we all saw in the first WIN episodes. One that could sigh heavily in dissapoinment, or could become really cool but in a cold manner, or could even swear and be totally serious… Though right after the PD appeared with the camera, he immediately got back to smiling. This however does not mean that Mino was trying to act or being fake. These changes in expressions are very natural things to any person; it all depends on who the other parties are.

Both Seungyoon and Seunghoon and even Jinwoo are like this. You can see a serious and stressful Seunghoon from WIN compares to the happy and funny Baby lion from KpopStar or the silly and clueless Seunghoon in WINNERTV, a happy silly and playful Seungyoon in YG compares to a real man in front of his mother, and a stressful and timid Jinwoo is also different from the happy and warm hyung in WINNERTV. Mino is not an exception.

To Seungyoon, both Mino and Seungyoon have many things in common, especially as leaderline; both of them understand the importance of being strict when it needs to be, at the same time still able to plays around with each other. I believe they probably even cursed comfortably when the camera is off.

Seunghoon is a naturally funny and smart guy. Mino and Seunghoon would easily play along with each others well and become an extremely happy and funny couple. In this aspect they go extremely well with each other (just like how he was with PO and Zico and other members in BOM)…

To Jinwoo, he is there so we can really compare Minwoo and Namsong and from that we can see the differences. Mino when next to Jinwoo is totally comfortable and carefree, the main reason for that is because of Jinwoo’s innocent and easily smile personality, the easy-going and friendly aura around Jinwoo let others feel happy and want to approach him. And for that, without any thoughts or emotions, Mino would easily hug or do skinships with Jinwoo… However he would react and get out of it right away if it goes any further than just skinship even if it’s just for fun. He would react quite strongly because he really believes that “Jinwoo would really kiss him for real”.  This happens quite a few times already, like when Mino pushed Jinwoo away in ep 1 – WINNERTV, turned his head to avoid Jinwoo’s may-be kiss in ep 2, fell back when Jinwoo acted like he was about to spit out the food to Mino’s mouth, easily put his arm over Jinwoo’s shoulder in a flirty manner in the Heirs’ BTS then got startled all by himself and pushed away and again, turned his head away and leaned back which totally ruined the Ghost’s romantic pottery scene in ep 9… these are enough to prove how Mino is very comfortable around Jinwoo at the same time also put a limit on the level of skinship between them. 

They say we read personalities through direct interactions. That’s right; Mino’s personality in normal situations is generally a very happy, friendly, and funny and very open type of guy. He is very bright, energetic, trusting and forgiving (no matter how many times Jinwoo scared him away by doing too much skinships or even ‘almost’ kiss, it won’t stop Mino from being close and acts all happy and friendly with Jinwoo since he believes in Jinwoo’s innocent and good nature personality)

Another side of Mino is being really serious when it comes to his work, music and future (this probaly does not need to mention much since this is a common characteristic of WINNER as a whole)

And so, how about Taehyun? How is Mino like around him? … The way Mino smiles to Taehuyn is a little bit different, a very natural smile, never on purpose or tries to be too bold. Mino has never tried to get Taehyun in with any of his jokes or playful acts, never been able to sit down to have a serious talk with Taehyun (clearly proven in ep 3, how Mino looked really troubled thinking of a way to deal with the stubborn Taehyun). Mino has never been able to hug Taehyun easily like he did with Jinwoo.

During Hello WINNER event, Mino did hug Taehyun tightly though it was really because he felt cold. Mino at that time wore only a long sleeve shirt; Taehyun seemed to have noticed that and was about to give his only jacket to Mino but Mino didn’t take it since Taehyun himself only had a thin T-shirt inside. After clinging on Jinwoo’s arm for awhile, he finally switched to hug Taehyun in a way that it took me quite awhile to realise that he just need some “warm”. Mino hugged Taehyun tightly looking really embarrassed, he couldn’t even looked at Taehyun, you could say, the most embarrassed one at that time definitely wasn’t Taehyun – who heedlessly pushed Mino away, but was Mino – whom was so embarrassed to the point that he couldn’t even raised his head even up until  he was pushed to Jinwoo’s side. 

The hug during NII was really tight but also seems quite forced => the two of them seem to be quite awkward, even more than the others in spite of the fact that they are the closest (?). There was this off-cam detail that I had pointed out before in an airport fancam, Mino wanted to touch Taehyun’s hand but missed the chance because he couldn’t make up his mind before Taehyun turned away, and so the boy just had to quitely retreat the awkward hand. Not until awhile later when he finally had a reason to rest a hand on Taehyun’s shoulder even though that whole time he did not touch anyone else around. The backhug during The Heirs’ BTS also ended awkwardly when Mino suddenly backed out, though different from Jinwoo, he still lingered his hands on Taehyun’s shoulder in a supportive manner that won’t let Taehyun feel bad. Mino’s attentiveness toward Taehyun is a lot more real compares to how he acts up with other members, or even when he did act up with Taehyun it would be a lot more exaggerated in order to cover up some certain things.

There aren’t many interactions between Namsong, however that touch on the shoulder when Taehyun sulked “but of course I’m prettier right!” was quite a meaningful touch. Or that touch on Taehyun’s “certain place” while Mino clenched his teeth and said “I’m saying I liked it, you punk” about Taehyun’s heart letters on the beach in the last episode… As well as those overwhelming gazes at the Hightouch event, those gazes from the parody and gazilions more abnormal moments that was pointed out. Mino when around Taehyun has this very real and natural feel, not forced; his actions clearly follow his true feelings and instinct. 

Taehyun clearly brought out the best in Mino, especially his precisive, caring and giving characters. Mino while carrying his leader role has always been attentive toward others (eg: played around to comfort Seunghoon, whom at the time was being stressful about their first battle performance “Only Look At Me”). Especially toward Taehyun; perhaps, it is partly because Taehyun is maknae, Mino’s especially caring toward Taehyun, like how he worried for Taehyun’s hurting shoulder in WIN or worrying about Taehyun’s health condition first instead of being upset at the maknae for scarying him in WINNERTV.

Mino cares and understands Taehyun really well to the point that not only the viewers but even Taehyun himself amazed at the fact. It’s like he has Taehyun’s thoughts and actions right in the palm of his hand and extremely being sensitive toward any changes in the boy’s behaviour (could already tell something’s wrong with just one txt message line “Hyung, what are you doing?” and right away suspect the existence of a hidden cam after Taehyun suddenly covered his face saying he’s touched (cuz he knows Taehyun normally wouldn’t do it) – episode 3, WINNERTV).

Mino continued to shows his support for Taehyun even when he’s no longer a leader. He knows very well Taehyun’s sensitive personality and tends to think a lot, so he tried to compliments the boy as much as he could, tried to say nice things to the boys even though it might not be true (affirmed that Taehyun’s prettier than Jinwoo or acted like Taehyun’s chocolate-strawberry bread is some top rated restaurant’s dessert )… some of Mino’s sweet personality and warm heart were shown through many interactions with Taehyun (part of that were also shown through Mino’s relationship with his family, especially how he’s a mamaboy toward his mum and really spoils and protective toward his little sister). It is that warm nature of his that brough out the passionate and emotional side in Taehyun – which would only shows when he’s around Mino.

Taehyun’s easily touched in front of leader Mino. Through WIN we could see the abnormally close relationship from Taehyun that had formed during the time Mino became leader. WINn didn’t show everything, however, during the time he was still a leader, Mino tried really hard to communicate with other members, and there was a period of time during their teamwork training trip that didn’t get on the camera. Perhaps, during that moment, Mino did try to approach and get closer to Taehyun which somehow let the boy opened up abit more to him.

And I guess one of the things that helped connect the two of them is art. Within WINNER, beside music, art is also a common interest between the members, though Seungyoon draws really well properly the best; however, the art connection between namsong is the strongest => the fact that both of them went to buy art stationeries together, make dolls together, Mino would always draw Taehyun on any opportunity he has which Taehyun himself seemed totally comfortable with and even goes on art museum date together.

Bright and active on the outside yet really warm, sweet and caring inside… Taehyun couldn’t help but feel safe and reliant. Only with Mino then he would be able to be himself and show his true thoughts and feelings comfortably.

That stuck up personality, high self-esteem, super confident, only love and cares for himelf are the characteristics that were shown through Taehyun’s relationship with everyone. As mentioned in the begining, if you look at Taehyun’s expressions in that NII promotion video. The Diva Taehyun has always been straight-forward in any situation; he couldn’t say anything that ain’t his true thoughts which leaded him to become speechless and act unnatural. Taehyun easily gets embarrassed having to face situations that make him looks silly or unreal… this is all because Taehyun himself never wanted to change or cover up anything, his personality is very special, never really likes to pretend, always express 100% his true thoughts and feelings. If you ask me to name the most honest, sincere and truthful person I have ever known, it would definitely be Taehyun - whom so confident to the point that he would never need to acts or pretends.

Seungyoon and Taehyun both have similar family circumstances; Taehyun’s family especially really likes Seungyoon. Despite that, Taehyun have never really look at Seungyoon in the eyes, even in compulsory situations like acting, which caused their scenes to look quite awkward and forced. Perhaps, Taehyun really did receive the same amount of cares and attentions from Mino and Seungyoon. He just however could not open his heart to Seungyoon, which made him uncomfortable around Seungyoon. Although Taehyun did seem to be quite confident that the two of them are just as close, the truth is, he sees himself on a higher stair in their relationship. Taehyun has always been above in his relationships with other people, and with Seungyoon, he did let the leader in close enough, yet there clearly is still a certain limit of how close he is allowed to be.

As I said Taehyun is a very straight forward person, well so does his love. When he truly loves someone, he loves them with all his heart but when he’s not, he could be quite harsh and thoughtless. The fact that up until now he’s still bitter enough to write “Tonight” to show his feeling for one of his ex, at the same time totally mean and thoughtless to the other girl that was used by him to replace his ex. So basically one girl will be happy and the other will be hurt by that song. This revealed the image of a mean and heartbreaking Taehyun, to the point that even Mino had to say “Anyone can tell that he’s truly a bad boy, someone like Taehyun”.

Taehyun really loves himself. The fact is that he always tries really hard to perfect himself as much as he could. He tends to touch his face and hairs quite often which proved how much he loves himself and always want to be perfect. Taehyun knows a lot (not just by natural), his advice to his dongsaeng Donghyun “A man needs to be good at singing” displayed his thoughts quite clear, always tries his best to be what he want and therefore always confident!! 

It is for sure that Taehyun does not scare of anyone! He respect Yang sajangnim and his sunbae since they gives advices and are good role models for him to follow and become better. Although, those advices themselves hurted him a lot sometime, he cried a lot in those first few episodes of WIN after his flaws got pointed out by YG, those are the tears of his self-esteem being stepped on.

In WINNERTV when they had to tries to get closer to their BigBang sunbaes, unlike the rest that tried their best to please their sunbaes, Taehyun did not bother doing anything for them, went straight to his point even though it won’t please Seungri then became totally shy in front of TOP totally showed his confidence, not scare of anyone but only respects.

With Seunghoon, Taehyun treats him like anybody else, a relationship where he is always above. There is reasonable amount of space between them and sometimes Taehyun would give a compliment to make the hiphop lion really happy.

With Jinwoo, it is quite interesting since Jinwoo is really Taehyun’s biggest rival, since he is the only one with all these captivating characteristics that are quite a threat to Taehyun (especially in his relationship with Mino). Jinwoo is the only one that Taehyun had to admit his good look and WINNER’s visual, the only one beside Taehyun that Mino praised for his good look, and quite many times as well. Jinwoo can aegyo quite naturally, one of the things that Taehyun finds it hard to do. Jinwoo is also the one that could just plainly want to kiss, hug and touch Mino like they’re very normal things to do. And so, gradually the cute and lovable Jinwoo became a thorn that Taehyun has to always try to keep close to him and that he would sometime secretly take revenge on (like the way he “forcefully” fed Jinwoo in episode 10-WINNERTV)

And with Mino.. It is for sure that Mino is a special person to Taehyun; there isn’t much space for special people in Taehyun’s heart so the way he treats them is quite obvious. Taehyun always smiles brightly when he’s with Mino and laugh so easily at every jokes and actions from Mino. It is easy to see that Taehyun really opened up to Mino, everyone could see that Mino is always the the first priority to Taehyun (called out his name before everyone else, mentioned about Mino like its his instinct to do so, feed Mino first => only after his rival, Jinwoo like its also part of his little revenge, and also the first one that he called out to the loyal test even though it is definitely easier and more reasonable to call Seungyoon first).

A Taehyun when together with Mino is very different, he’s no longer has that confident, arrogant, stuck up attitude and instead, we could see a lot of his gentle sides. As I said, in every relationship, Taehyun always acts as the priority one but not Namsong. We could see that as times pass, his eyes have slowly followed Mino more and more. Mino has always been aware of what situation he’s in so he could acts accordingly, therefore he doesn’t show his true feeling much in front of cameras. But not the straight forward Taehyun, which is why he is always the one to takes initiative.

The PD clearly does not ship namsong, but how is it that there are still so many namsong moments in WinnerTV? It is simply because Taehyun himself kept trying to approach Mino as much as he could that even the PD couldn’t do anything about it. It’s not that with Mino, Taehyun becomes different but more like with Mino, Taehyun shows more of his side, the side that he rarely ever show to just anyone.

For someone that tends to think a lot, they often want to share their thoughts and even confident people have many worries. In this case Mino, more than anyone else has the chance to understand and listen to the maknae’s problems.Perhaps, it all started from all of their common interests like fashion, art and music. You might disagree and say that they have different taste in music, but if you look closely, there has to be a reason why Taehyun was always the one to beatbox for Mino, why Taehyun just had to be the main character in Mino’s “Oh” MV, why it had to be Mino that created lyrics for Taehyun’s beat (Korean alphabet song) and why they both want to be each other’s partner for any solo or sub-unit. 

Beside their common interests is their understanding of each other. Nobody could deny that Mino understands Taehyun inside out and that Taehyun can see through Mino well in any situation. One can freely express his own emotions while the other suppresses thems, but once they understood each other well enough, their actions somehow would blend in well together. And because they became compatible with each other so well, all their actions started to synchronise and I call that namsong’s 2in1 moments. Can it really be just a simple coincidence when it happened too many times and with the same people only? Namsong has that many 2in1 moments; their actions are just in sync so well with the same rhythm that give off the same emotions, and perhaps those emotions were formed through their well understanding and feelings for each other.

To conclude this…. I kinda forgot what to say for the conclusion xD
Anyway, I’ll repeat the question in the introduction. Since when did Namsong become so natural? Who is Mino when he’s with Taehyun?” As well as “While being around Mino, which hidden sides of Taehyun were recovered?  
The answer is: When Mino’s with Taehyun, he is himself together with his sweetest and warmest sides. And when Taehyun’s with Mino, he is able to feel safe and secure while revealing his weak and fragile sides.

And that is Namsong!

politewonderer-deactivated20150  asked:

Okay, so, me and my friend have been so confused about the behind the scene of 1D. Like what is the difference of Syco, Modest, and HJPR. I get that HJPR do the legwork when it comes to image/media. But what's the difference between MM and Syco? And how does Sony come in? Or Columbia? Like there is literally gazilion companies related to 1D that we're so confused.

Syco = record label, Simon Cowell in charge

Modest = management company, Richard Griffiths & Harry Magee in charge

HJPR = public relations firm, Jonathan Hackford & Simon Jones in charge

I think Syco used to be under the umbrella of Sony, but now they’re with Columbia. So 1D’s current record deal is with Syco/Columbia (in the US).

In each company’s own words:


Syco Music, also known as Syco Records, is a British record label founded by Simon Cowell in 2002. It is a subsidiary of Syco Entertainment. Syco artists have been phenomenally successfull, selling more than 200 million albums and delivering more than 180 No. 1 records worldwide.


Since forming in 2003, HJPR has established itself as the UK’s leading entertainment PR company. Specialising in the music and TV industries, we represent artists ranging from One Direction, Ant & Dec, Little Mix, Fearne Cotton and McBusted, to Dannii Minogue, Daisy Lowe, Nick Grimshaw and DJ Fresh. A day doesn’t go by when one of our clients is not in the news - whether it’s national newspaper coverage or strong presence in online media.


Modest! Management are a London based Artist Management Company, formed in 2003 by Richard Griffiths and Harry Magee. We manage all aspects of our artists’ careers including writing, recording, touring, brand partnerships, merchandise, endorsements, theatre, television and publicity.

This has been your One Direction management fuckery primer. LOL