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Hello everyone !! So, 2017 is almost over, so I thought it was a good time to make my first follow forever to thank you all - especially my followers, and all the people who fill my dashboard with great content ! I hope 2018 is kind to everyone !! 2017 passed, with all the good and bad moments, both and definitely 2018 will also come with many barriers, good in those times, we will not give up and keep walking. I hope I can continue to evolve and improve my editions in 2018 and that you will continue to stay with me !

— Okay, so, no more problems, here is a short list of blogs are so cool, blogs that have supported me a lot in 2017 and people who are so adorable ! You make me so happy with your posts ! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*♥
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For those I did not mention, please do not be upset, I love all of you who follow me! ♡

。*゚✲*☆ HAPPY NEW YEAR !! 。*゚✲*☆

— A girl said: “I love you” and Kai smiled… “so cute.”

— Uruha accepted a bracelet that a fan gave him.

— A fan said: “You’re beautiful!”
Then Aoi smiled embarrassed, tilted her face and said: “thank you!”

— “Uruha is handsome, but has a huge face!”

— “True, Uruha’s face is huge…”