people often know me for
  • AQUARIUS in the FIRST:being kinda popular in general but also kinda distant. but always pretty well liked tbh
  • AQUARIUS in the SECOND:my aesthetic sense, my fashion sense and cool things I own & what I do with it
  • AQUARIUS in the THIRD:being a good friend and witty conversationalist. the mutual friend
  • AQUARIUS in the FOURTH:for being the mom friend, but also being the COOL mom friend
  • AQUARIUS in the FIFTH:the cool things I do & how I do it. being fun to hang out with & always creating days/nights to remember
  • AQUARIUS in the SIXTH:my personality in general, how I do things day to day. my quirks, mannerism & just who I am
  • AQUARIUS in the SEVENTH:how easy I am to get along with & how I have my very own personality like no one else' I can't get along with everyone
  • AQUARIUS in the EIGTH:how easy it is to open up to me, how easy I am to trust & the advice I give
  • AQUARIUS in the NINTH:how fun I am to do activities with, the best buddy for "buddy systems", my odd conspiracy theories
  • AQUARIUS in the TENTH:how sociable and friendly I am on he Internet, how I try and be as friendly as possible to everyone I meet & how I can relate to strangers
  • AQUARIUS in the ELEVENTH:how i sometimes always seem to become an integral part of any group, I'm the friend that always needs to be there or there's no point in us all getting together!
  • AQUARIUS in the TWELFTH:how deep & spiritual I am, how I can surprise people unexpectedly sometimes with the things I'll say or do