gazette: twitter

Reita: for the first time in a while, I’m shooting alone today 📸

Ruki: Fighting 🤘

Reita: today we shot the cover of the next ROCK&READ issue. we were able to do the shooting based on new themes with 3 variations of outfits and I have a really good feeling about it 👍🏻 I was told that as a special favor, I could post only one picture of the shoot so, here you are ! ! to see the rest you gotta wait for the magazine 🤘🏻

Aoi twitter Nov 17th
Aoi: I am bored.
Aoi: Let’s do a skit!
Aoi: Hm? Still haven’t come up with a question?

fan: What is happening here!

Aoi: Illustration of a kid in prep class who has no idea what’s going on and is pretending to be tough

fan: say something about this photo [photo has been mysteriously deleted]
Aoi: It’s like coming to an adult establishment by mistake.

Aoi: This isn’t working! Too complicated!
Aoi: Goodbye then!

Aoi: you won’t believe what I just found…I’m gonna watch this with the guys next time.

#AProductOfAncientTimes #FuckingLadies’Man #ThisGuyLooksLikeHeHasABadPersonality #August6About11YearsAgo

GazettE twitter Dec 1, in which RR are about 12
  • Reita: I guess it's been 4-5 years since I quit smoking~
  • Ruki: It's been quite a while for me too~
  • Reita: Oi! Wait a sec there!
  • Ruki: You wait!
  • Reita: If you write something like that people will think I smoke too, you know! (laugh) I don't!
  • Ruki: This is how you act all the time, you know ( ᵕ́ૢ‧̮ᵕ̀ૢ)
  • Reita: Tomorrow I'm hiding your can look for them until you cry!!
  • Ruki: Good thing I've already removed the 1st and 4th string from your bass.
  • Reita: Whatever, I can play with 2 strings!
GazettE twitter Dec 1 pt.2
  • Reita: No, but seriously, I don't smoke~. If you guys won't believe me then it looks like we won't be united at the live tomorrow (laugh) too bad~
  • Reita: Those who do believe me don't have to worry. I'll be waiting for you tomorrow at Toyosu. We're playing there for the first time, but let's tear it down!
  • Ruki: This believing or not believing argument aside, I'm quitting too so don't worry~
  • Ruki: Ok! Off to sleep!