gazette: aoi

  • Reita: a small child just rushed across the pedestrian crossing by itself this late at night at a really crazy pace, what are your thoughts?*
  • Reita: it’s ok, it wasn’t a scary story! I found the parents (lol)
  • Aoi: which reminds me, there’s that parent and child who watch you when you’re in your car leaving the parking lot...*
  • Aoi:
  • Reita: aren’t you the one who hates those kinda stories the most? (lol)
  • *When he asked everyone what they thought, some commented that they were worried about the child, while (many) others said that they thought the little kid was a ghost (they kept asking Reita, if he saw the feet of the child running on the street) so I guess, they thought, he was gonna tell a scary story. Aoi then joined with what seemed like the beginning of an actual scary story but as Reita pointed out, Aoi is probably the most scared of ghosts.

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