gazette in helsinki

the GazettE @ The Circus, Helsinki, 10.06.2016

My live report is finally finished. Tried to keep it as short as possible for you, heh.

When my friend and I went to queue around 3pm there were already so many people there (as expected). We found our place in the VIP line and sat our asses down. The time went by fast, the only time I got annoyed was when letting us in got delayed by half an hour, ugh.

We were planning on going upstairs but when we tried the venue staff stopped us and told me to take the small plastic bag I was carrying to the cloak room. And he was quite goddamn rude about it, may I add. I had the gifts I was going to give to the band in the bag so there was no way I was going to take it away! The meet&greet was planned to be right after the gig so I had no time to run and get them then. So I let the staff know exactly how I felt about that just as nicely as he had talked to me, krhm, and we found our way back downstairs. I was so incredibly pissed at this point, even more so when we couldn’t find any place where I could see something. There was always some 180cm and up person blocking my view. So in the end we went to the back of the venue and sat on these bar stools that were lined up next to the back wall.

My annoyance just got bigger and bigger as we waited for the gig to start and by the time the person from JrockSuomi came on stage to tell us the basic info on how to behave (no pics etc.), I was pretty much ready to walk out. Even when the intro song started playing I couldn’t get my excitement up. But then the boys walked to the stage and… Omg, all the angriness washed away and tears welled up in my eyes. The feeling was so overwhelming. For the first two songs I was biting my lip, trying not to cry. It was quite strange since I hadn’t experienced such a rush of emotions even when I saw them live for the first time back in 2007… 

I climbed on the bar stool and stood there on my knees so that I could see the stage clearly. Jesus christ it hurt with my knees drilling into the cushion and the laces of my boots pressing against my shins but I didn’t care. I had been waiting to see them again for three years, I was not gonna miss a thing. The sucky thing was that I wasn’t able to mosh without risking me falling flat on my face. But I was fisting the air with all my might, haha. At some point I had to climb down to mosh though but I climbed back up soon after. It is just so unnatural for me not to mosh *sobs*

If there are any mistake in this setlist, let me know…

11. UGLY
13. Filth in the Beauty


I felt like the boys were more energetic now than they were during the previous world tour! Last time they seemed quite tired since Finland was their last stop on the tour.
I was happy to see Aoi shaking his hips and being his usual flirty self *chuckle*
Reita was constanly interacting with the crowd; motioning towards us with his hands, telling us to scream louder, banging his fist to his head (ouch) and all that.
Kai.. I was sad that there was no platform for the drums so it was difficult to see Kai clearly. But I remember during one song (can’t recall which one) he was singing along with all his might (you know how he throws his head back, closes his eyes and sings along ♥). It made me smile from ear to ear.
Uruha was amazing! He was so into the gig and interacting with us constantly! And I think he loved being in the spotlight, haha. He was the lovable (and sexy) goof that he is ♥ It was great to watch him.
And last but not least, Ruki. What can I say about this fellow. He’s a performer with a capital P. So mesmerizing and captivating. Everytime he started doing those very signature dance moves of his, I’d turn to my friend and squeal. There was one really sexy moment before BIZARRE though when Ruki took a hold of the mic chord and started windmilling the mic, ahh! And his English was so good!
We did get a small UruhaxRuki moment when Ruki went to Uruha and threw his arm around him, hugging him (and was there even a kiss on the cheek?), and a RukixReita moment when during TOMORROW NEVER DIES Reita went to Ruki’s stand and Ruki leaned against his shoulder.

All of the songs sounded incredible live. Especially the songs from DOGMA, UGLY and UNDYING. I’m a metalhead so I absolutely adore those heavy guitars, Kai’s fastpaced drumming accompanied by Reita’s amazing skills and Ruki’s growling. Orgasmic, if you don’t mind me saying.

The gig went by all too fast.. When I got off the stool, my legs almost gave up on me. Bloody hell my legs hurt! haha. But after shaking them a bit I was able to walk again without them giving up on me.


The VIPs were told to form a line so that we could get on with the meet&greet after they’d gotten the other fans to leave. We were like 10th in line and slowly my nervousness started taking a hold of me. I tried to arrange the small gift bags in my hands to the order I thought they’d be in so that I wouldn’t have to fumble with them later on too much. I got everyone else a different kind of a bracelet but for Ruki I bought a black pocket watch. I really hope they liked their gifts ;;

When they finally started letting people behind the curtain to the space where the m&g was, I was close to panicking haha. Not long after it was our turn and as soon as I entered the room, there they were.. (and this is where I get very fangirly, please excuse me, haha)

First was Aoi. That man is just GORGEOUS, holy freaking hell! I got all mesmerized over his beauty and smile. But somehow I managed to give him his gift bag with a dazzled “douzo” as I handed it over and then shook his hand and he smiled that very Aoi smile and we both said “arigatou”.

Next was Reita… I.. I… just.. If you do not know, Reita is my ultimate bias. I was still so baffled by Aoi and then Reita was there in front of me, his face 30cm from mine, looking me in the eye with that sexy smoldering stare and I was supposed to talk to this heavenly creature! I had planned on telling him that he was the best bassist in the world but all the words just left my head. I’m surprised I was able to give him his gift with a shaky “douzo”. He went “ahh, arigatou~”, then took my hand and we thanked each other like with Aoi. HIS VOICE IS SO DEEP. I DIED.

It didn’t help that Ruki was next. Before I became an insane Reita fangirl, Ruki was my favorite. I still love him to pieces (well, I love them all but.. you know what I mean, I think). He smiled when I went to him and he looked so surprised and happy when I gave him his gift bag. It was absolutely priceless!! He started fumbling with it, almost taking the box out of the bag, wondering what it was, like a child on a Xmas eve wanting to open his presents. “Nan desu ka~” Aahhhh! He was so cute!! Then he recalled that the line wasn’t moving, laughed a little as he took my hand and we both thank each other with him still grinning and chuckling ;; ♥

Kai!! He is like the sun! And he too looked amazing… I looked at that dimpled smile and fumbled a little before I was able to give him his gift.. (or was it with Ruki…. I don’t remember. It’s all a blur! But it was a lil’ embarrassing, heh. Thank god it happened only once, haha). But anyway, Kai went by really fast. We shook hands and thanked each other with a smile.

And last but definitely not least.. Uruha! He looked so damn good that… so gorgeous! Like how can a person be that beautiful! Agh. His smile *cries* That slightly goofy Uruha smile! Just like with Reita everything I had planned on saying flew out of my head (I was meant to wish him happy birthday). As I had handed him his gift and we had thanked each other he still followed me with his smiling face as I moved over to give room for my friend who was right after me.

When I left the room I was shaking like crazy. It all went by so fast that my mind just couldn’t comprehend what had happened. It took me a while to fully understand and when it hit me my whole body started trembling and tears filled my eyes. But I have told you all about that already, heh.

All I can say is that the whole experience was so wonderful.

THANK YOU GAZETTE, thank you. From the bottom of my heart ♥