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You guys, thanks for a great show.
Today for the first time in a really long time we were at ZEPP Nagoya and as I entered the venue I thought to myself “Was it always this big?”, my memory was kinda unclear so I was a little perplexed but when we actually started performing the LIVE I was standing on the stage and witnessed the venue carrying all the fans’ heat and excitement and I felt like everyone’s sense of oneness made the venue feel bigger. Also, I had a feeling that you made me feel Nagoya’s sense of stability more than usual.
Thank you for showing me this wonderful feeling and atmosphere.

Rajigaze 22.7

They had to practise Kantou before they played it in Sendai (bc they hadn’t played it in a long time) 

They want us to tell them what kind of song they should play- and if we want to say something with these song- like a memory or smth we should write that too

A fan asked if it’s starnge to like a man that is over 10 years older (she’s 20 and he’s 33) K: it’s not strange at all, I think and then they talked about what age would be ok for them A: lately it’s been 27/28 for me - the down-to-earth kind of type,right? K: (thinks really hard) 23-maybe? till- for me it would be okay till 40! Re: aroun 25 to 35 is good. A: it’s usually like that right? Re: yeah but if they’re 20 I really think we wouldn’t have anything to talk about. If you don’t have anything to talk about you wouldn’t proceed right? A: but I really think you don’t need words R: wow!

Aois always saying 30 over (the over in englisch so it sounds like obaaa)

A fan wrote some discription based on the birthdays of the member- A: Uruha and Ruki fitted! Re: how about Aoi-san? A: hmm Re: doesn’t suddenly…speak…his mind hmm? (lol) A: exactly (everyone’s laughing) Re: how about Leader? Too much thinking,huh? that might be so K:umm yeah Re: giving up fast,right? (small giggles from Kai)

they picked a qustion they already did last week- but just noticed it half way trough the whole question

Re: okay let’s pick another one,kay? but this one… I shouldn’t read it K: huh? okay then let me do it.

Kai has a gym right under his apartment

re: the first time you went for Tokyo- what did you think? A: aweeesomeee! I’m still thinking that it’s awesome! A: I didn’t think that I would live in Tokyo!

They played Pledge

They remember Tokyo Dome if Pledge is played, Reitas pronuncination of pledge is: pledgy it sounds so cute

Re: do you remember the pv? (pledge) K/A: yeah I do! Re: in Yokohoma A: ah I don’t remember that much R: I went there around 7am- and as everyone was still doing their make up- I went home K/A: lol

The PVs from that time were really easy for them if they compare it to their recent ones

Re: ah this one I want Aoi-San to read- bc it’s written here, that she wants Aoi-san to read it A: ah un well okay…Aoi-san, Reita-san…….Aoi-san, good evening!  Aoi: First: Happy birthday Peco-san! Re: but you know… we made a mistake here- her birhtday was on the 15th, right? Today is the 22nd! sorry sorry! But this was Leaders fault! K: Oi!!! I don’t know anything about that!! Re: but about birthday surprises… you know… you can’t call the birthday surprises on lives that anymore right? Re: but I do remember the time I really didn’t have any money! … not that I have money now, but yeah… K: what the wahahahaha You didn’t need to say that Re:  but as we didn’t have any money yet, on my birthday, Aoi-san suddenly  took my wallet and looked inside to see what kind of cigarettes I smoke-  and then he went to buy them for me! Do you remember it? A:ah well, thanks to you I remembered it!

In the beginning they bought presents for memebers together- like collecting money and get something for that person- but they don’t remember what they gave - just what they received

Next week will be just with two of them!so they’re playing a game to pick two.there are 6 stics(reita doesn’t really understand why 6 tho) and Kai and Aoi have to pick one. Aoi picked: Koga! (their manager) K: why??? why??? (lol) A: who’s that?!!?!? Re: poor guy… (I think he picked another one) Reita! (Kai’s loosing his shit) Re: you’re annoying!!!!! K: well done! (lol) (Kais pick) K: … Kai! (lol) really??? for realy now? Re: therefore… next week Kai and Koga will do the show! K: really? for real now…

When ‘Ugly’ by The Gazette comes on in your car and Kai starts hitting the bass drums so hard that all of the windows in your car start vibrating.

07.25.2016 - the GazettE at Zepp Nagoya.

I’m going to throw out the things that stand out most at the moment - I’ll let @crucifyregret handle a full live report. 

Let’s start with Rage, because Reita was practically on top of Ruki while he was playing beside him. I love how animated they all get, but Reita’s faces - he’s so cute. I say that when most of the time he’s just screaming at us, haha. Funnier still, Ruki deserted Reita to head over to Uruha’s side, and I swear Reita momentarily looked up like “where you going 😭" 

Venomous Spider’s Web - again, they were side-by-side, and it was really fucking cute. Ruki always surprises me, and I don’t know why - like, I’ve loved this band for something like 9 or 10 years now, but his skill as a frontman still gets me. Maybe it’s because they’re one of my favorite bands, and I’ve been listening to them for that long, and tonight was my third time seeing them ever? That could really be it. Fuck, I’ve seen Mejibray more and I’ve only been a fan of them for around seven months - jesus. 

They played Chizuru, and I was ready to cry. It was such a heartfelt performance by all of them. 

Ominous, Headache Man, Undying, Inside Beast, Cockroach, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Kantou are all the other standout songs to me, but in general it was a phenomenal playlist. 

I can’t remember specifics for when all of these things happened, so I’m just going to list what I can: 

- Ruki jumped off his box and kind of fell into Reita a bit? Reita had his back turned and was playing in front of Kai, and it was funny because Ruki laughed about it and then immediately went back to rocking out. 

- When they came back out for the first encore, Kai confused the crowd - I don’t know how he did, but they were all like "EHHHHH??” And then he clarified what he was saying, laughing as he did so. 

- When Ruki came out for the first encore, Reita pointed at him with both hands, and he pivoted his body as Ruki walked to his box. Reita just pointed the entire time Ruki walked, and it was adorable. 

- During Tomorrow Never Dies, Ruki and Uruha played side-by-side, and they kept looking at one another. They both ending up pointing and smiling at one another, and then Uruha was off. 

- Oh! For Undying, they all leave the stage in this cloud of smoke, but Kai is still playing, and it’s eerie but in a hauntingly beautiful sort of way? The aesthetic of it all is something I really enjoyed, and I’m looking forward to them playing it again! 

- Cockroach is a favorite of mine, so I was just mainly ecstatic to hear it and get to bounce around. Even though we had shitty numbers, and we ended up being late, so we were some of the last people in, we get pushed in through side doors. We were on Aoi’s side, and I have warmed up to him so much over the years. Like I think I’ve said before, I found him to be problematic for some time, but I think he was just under a lot of pressure - also, these people are human and have flaws, so there’s that too. I’ve just come to accept him for him, and he really is engaging. I’m happy that he seems happier! 

- For the first encore, after Kai talked, Ruki talked. During this talk, Kai accidentally hit something on his drumset and bowed his head and pulled his drumsticks close to his body. Ruki looked back and side-eyed him, twice. I think he said something about him, too, but i couldn’t catch it. 

- Ruki looked at two separate parts of the crowd and like leaned in cutely and said, “Konnichiwa.” I may have died a little back at Zepp Nagoya because they were so cute and so much fun. He kept mocking and mimicking the crowd, and the crowd was doing it back to him. He would be like “Aa…” like he wanted to say something, so then we all repeated it. Then people would be screaming for him, and so he would mimic the “Oi!” He heard from us, and it was really cute. He called out different areas of the crowd, he kept telling us to go crazy that night and how he wanted more. He also asked, “So which people are hot right now?” And we all raised our hands, and then he commiserated. 

At the end of the first encore they threw a lot of stuff out, and I honestly thought that it might be over or something. I knew they’d been doing a second encore, but that didn’t mean they -had- to do it. Either way, we stayed behind and shouted for them to come out. 

They did.

@crucifyregret and I were psyched for Kantou! They were psyched to be playing it. 

Also! When they came out, Aoi was following behind Uruha, making exaggerated stomps behind him. He followed him all the way past Ruki’s box, and then Uruha was kind of like “why is everyone laughing?” And Aoi had gone back to acting like nothing happened at all. Cuties. 

At the end (the true end) a few more things were thrown out. Then Reita hopped on Kai’s back for a piggyback ride - it was so great. My attention was firmly planted on that scenario, so I caught sight of Ruki grabbing Reita’s ass as they walked off. It was cute, it was playful, and I had an awesome night. 

We went to Saizeriya afterwards because cheap pasta sounded about right. Then when we were heading back toward the hotel, we had to pass by the venue again. A little bit after the venue some bandmen had been handing out fliers, but they were packing up to go. However, the singer immediately reached into his crate for another flier so he could hand it to me. Of course I took it, and I thanked him. Then I realized that I had seen them before! It was DEVIZE from the Beauty and Beast indies live we went to - that’s where I saw MeteoroiD play for the first time! 

It was a good night. I’ll edit with anything I might remember later on~ I should probably try to sleep, especially if we decide to go to this other indies live tomorrow (´-﹏-`;)

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