With the last “world tour” I wrote a “do and don’t list” post that thankfully got a decent number of notes on it. But I’m rewriting it for this time, since I have heard the experiences of the last tour, and the world is a different place. I’ll expand some of the old ideas and add new ones in.

I’m happy for everyone that will get to see them, especially those that have not had the chance before. But here are some things to keep in mind, for your safety and theirs, and for their comfort.

  • Remember that the band hates it when the audience is fighting, shoving, hitting, etc. in response to anything, but especially when it comes to things they’ve tossed out. Let’s remember the foreigner fan from Un who stole a water bottle from a Japanese fan and apparently hurt her in the process. Remember how Ruki himself called her out. Don’t do this. It makes them upset and it makes it not only less fun for everyone, but makes us all look bad and damages our reputation and potential future world tour possibilities. Don’t hurt each other. They have walked off stage or refused to to encores because of this. They don’t want to see it, so don’t do it.
  • I’m aware they generally have bodyguards but please do not grab at them, drag them offstage, tear at their clothes, grope them, etc. It’s not fun or comfortable. If one of them decides to jump down and touch, okay, hold out your hands and touch, but don’t grab and pull. If Uruha falls off the stage, hold out your hands, don’t grab and pull. This is not a hard concept. Just because they’re celebrities to us doesn’t mean they want to be manhandled, and it can be dangerous and put them in harm’s way.
  • Please remember that Ruki is very sickly, and that all of them will be exposed to new environments, new air, possibly new viruses and bacteria, and not only that but they will be jetlagged and exhausted which makes their bodies weaker. The jetset lifestyle is not easy (please trust me on this, I’ve had my fair share). Don’t be rude about it. If you do see them and you’re sick, please try to stay away or wash your hands if you’re going to be doing the VIP session. Let’s help them stay as healthy as possible and not say terrible things about something they have no control over. Let’s respect their right to be healthy.
  • When they’re going out to have a bit of fun, they don’t deserve to be harassed and followed and have people taking pictures of their personal lives. They deserve to have some human time and enjoy themselves in the countries they go to without having to worry about being stalked.  Remember how upset Aoi got last time that people were following them around and posting pictures of their offtime? 
    • None of you would enjoy it if you were going out with some friends and people you don’t know were following you around, taking pictures of you and posting them online, regardless of whether people liked the pictures or not. Please give them their personal space. I’m not saying that if you happen to bump into them on the street you have to scurry away. In that case, say hi and that you’re excited to see them. Shake their hands and get an autograph, sure. But after you part ways, don’t follow them and take pictures. If you go to see them at the airport, take pictures as they’re walking past, okay. But don’t follow them through the airport and crowd around them. Let them have their space, please.
    • (I would also like to point out that if you’re a member of Heresy and you follow them around and try to force a meeting, you’re breaking rules of the agreement you signed to be a member of Heresy. I know most of you don’t give a shit about this, but it’s in your contract. Consider that.)
    • (To this end, though probably no one will believe me, my dad is best friends with someone in Hollywood and has met his share of actors and actresses, and we were all close friends with a particular one who has been gaining in popularity. In my experience hearing about them, while they feel flattered that people like them enough to want to see them and that people recognise them, they don’t like being followed around. They don’t like being stalked. They don’t like feeling someone breathing down their necks. They don’t like people snapping pictures of their personal time and sharing. They want to be human too.)
  • I’ve recently heard about a group that wants to, for Uruha’s birthday, stand outside the venue and sing happy birthday to him (sometimes with the added “until he comes outside”). Please don’t do this. Consider everything that has been happening in the world recently and realise that it might be dangerous for you to draw extra attention. I know you’ll draw some attention anyway from being lined up around the venue before it starts, but that’s far more normal than a group singing loudly (especially if you want to do it after the live) for who knows how long. Please don’t attract unwanted attention that might bring more risk to both you and the band.
    • If you want to sing happy birthday to him, by all means, sing it in between the main live and the encore or during the encore, or even after the encore. Do it inside like the Japanese fans do. That’s when it will have the most impact anyway, and you’ll be far more likely to see his response when he comes out on stage. (And please don’t use the “but we want to be different from Japanese fans!” argument as I’m sure some want to. Just do it this way! It will be fun!) 
    • Beyond that, please do try to minimise risks to your own person as well as the band’s. We want everyone taken care of and safe.
  • During the VIP high-five session, please just high-five them and move on. I know you want to spend as much time as possible, but they’re going to be tired (as stated above) and as much as they love you all, they need rest. It’s also rude to everyone else if you take up more time. Don’t touch them anywhere you’re not supposed to, don’t grab them or anything like that. It’s inappropriate. High-five and move down the line and say hi if you want. Just don’t time-suck for everyone’s sake and follow the rules!
  • Lastly, take care of yourselves. Follow the rules. Be good to each other. Bring plenty of water, eat something before you go in, if you feel faint rest. These are supposed to be fun. Respecting each other and following the rules and taking care of yourself will ensure you have the best time possible and will give the band a good impression.

Thanks for reading everyone. I want all of you to have fun! Please enjoy your time with them and bring back (good) stories for those of us who can’t see them!

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gazemen impressions then vs gazemen impressions now 

Kai then: cute lil ball of sunshine, great leader

Uruha then: sexy af, plays all the nice guitar solos

Reita then: weird macho bad boy of the group but has birds so that makes him a softie

Ruki then: outgoing and perverted for his fans (what is fanservice, ah right, ruki)

Aoi then: the sexy kind of intimidating, unapproachable

switching to..

Kai now: still a great leader, still a ball of sunshine, occasionally sexy

Uruha now: a fucking mystery, wise like gandalf, distant but passionate  

Reita now: statue, softie, troll (*coughpixelatedselfiecough*), a lil gay maybe

Ruki now: at least bi, incredible sense of fashion, ambitious, determined, passionate, as far away from being a top as Uruha is from social media

Aoi now: a fucking goofball, loves music and his fans more than anything, deserves literally all the happiness in the world, smile contagious AF, ridiculously cute giggle, his guitar solos way too underrated, “mood fluctuates like crazy” (quote uruha), lovable & vulnerable & needs to be protected at all costs

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Gazemen impressions then vs. Gazemen impressions now

My impressions then:

Kai: the cute drummer with a smile for days

Uruha: that one member that doesn’t really seem to say much; the one with the duck lips and nice thighs

Reita: the member with the noseband

Ruki: the perverted chibi with the amazing singing voice

Aoi: the one who looked like he’s always ready to kill a man

My impressions now:

Kai: still the cute drummer with a smile for days; a precious angel who shall be cherished forever; can also have his Daddy moments

Uruha: doesn’t have to say much to still be considered awesome; still the one with the duck lips and nice thighs

Reita: the fitness loving, mustang driving, macho man with the noseband

Ruki: the fashionable chibi with a sexy singing voice and an adorable laugh

Aoi: the man who has ruined my expectations for possible boyfriends; a precious angel bean that must be protected at all costs; the old man of the group

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