- Behind the commercial

Look, it’s simple; they’ll buy your old phone from you.

But what exactly do they do with your old phone?

Obviously, they don’t just destroy it. That’d make them profitless.

I’ll investigate to be sure, but my theory is they do what Facebook does: sell your personal information to companies and governments.

Might I say that when my corporation starts a social network or free service, a publicated document that can be viewed at any time will be posted up on a corporate website available to anyone who would like to view it.

As the future founder and CEO of Ciphered Incorporated, I solemnly vow to never sell your personal information.

I’m sending all my shit to Gazelle - you know, all these damn phones that I have lying around. I’m also sending an old iPod Nano & my very first digital camera that I got when I was in 8th grade lol! I’m sending 7 items: 4 are priced & 3 are recycle for a total of $96. It’s not a lot, but fuck it - it’s SOMETHING.

Next is selling my FIDM textbooks… :T