gazelle boy

- “Are we going to stand around here all day or are we going to fight?” - Kingsman: the Secret Service x TaoHun

A point which calls for remark here is that some Ottoman gazels are addressed to boys, not to girls, the explanation of which is this: the old Arabian poets speak of women, frequently imaginary; but the Persians, considering this very immodest, usually assume a boy, also imaginary, to be the beloved object in their poems; and the Ottomans, according to their invariable custom, have simply copied the Irani. This practice holds, too, in modern Arabic poetry.

E.J. Gibb


me, @daily-dragon and our friend Andy did some multiplayer online drawing together. Eventually Andy tired of drawing and decided to instead play his ukelele and sing to us as we drew. It was a soothing atmosphere, and I had a good time.