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Erik the strict, sharp jawed, chiseled face disciplinarian with high unassailable morals, Charles the optimistic “I HAVE CONFIDENCE THAT SPRING WILL COME AGAIN!” clever imp who all the children adore

I know right? Young, optimistic XMFC Charles is PERFECT as the new tutor whose unorthodox ways manage to win over Anya, Wanda, Pietro, Lorna and little Nina, bringing music and laughter into their lives again so many years after Magda’s death!

(Emma Frost is the perfect Baroness Schraeder I’ll fight anybody who doesn’t agree. Also, I will never regret cherik’ing the gazebo scene even if it’s uber cheese - I love it so much LOL).

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Especially since my Fassbender Twitter feed is now full of people realizing how much he looks like a young Christopher Plumber…

Yes! They look SO MUCH ALIKE eeeeeeee :D :D :D 

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Your top five favorite moments from Dramione fanfics. (Hard, I know.)

omfg just five?! okay, well i’ll put the fic title first so you guys don’t have to read if you don’t want spoilers!!

1. the fallout by everythursday - the GAZEBO scene oh my good god. having the rush of the battle around them, both draco and hermione injured, having seen so many people die, having to kill people themselves… the whole tenderness of the gazebo scene where draco pushes hermione away, desperate to make her apparate out, to stay safe, and he holds her tightly and tells her he loves her, i can’t deal with it. also because i can’t choose just one, hermione whispering to draco that she loves him, when he’s asleep in the hospital, and his heart monitor beats a little faster

2. a pound of flesh by Pennilyn Novus - when hermione goddamn finally opens her trunk and finds the vials, basically figuring out the whole mystery of draco’s memory loss which she could have done years ago had she opened her trunk sooner! having her see those memories and feel the guilt over what she did, it breaks my heart

3. broken by inadaze22 - i have two favourite scenes from this fanfic, but i’ll go for the dramione-centric one first. the one that stands out to me is the scene where draco saves hermione after she slips into the lake/pond out the back of her house. the non-dramione centric scene, is the scene with hermione in her bathroom, overcome with grief, “seeing” her son standing with her, not wanting to believe he’s really gone

4. the alkahest by @shadu-kiam - SO many favourite scenes from this fic. some stand out ones: draco going clubbing with hermione, harry, ron and ginny. the wedding. draco figuring out the song hermione wanted as her wedding song and having it played when she least expects it. draco driving the car through the garage door

5. a kingdom beside the sea by everythursday - the cliff jumping scene!

this was way too hard and i’m sure i’ve forgotten some killer moments from other fics!! 

sleepover questions

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SRK and Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

One of my favorite of their scenes together. His face @ 1:45 as he goes from that smile to really intense as he spins her around….yeah. They need to make another movie together NOW. 

You know what needs to happen? A sequel to Pride and Prejudice. Twenty five years later. Richard Armitage as Mr. Darcy. I really don’t care what happens in the movie. I’d watch two hours of Mr. Darcy getting dressed, honestly.

 Or undressed.


Richard Armitage as dad!Darcy with daughters being courted by disreputable fortunehunters and one of them falling in love with the son of Mr. Collins and Charlotte Lucas Collins and a “you just don’t understand, I love him, Daddy!” footstomping and flailing out of the room by a daughter.

And Elizabeth still teasing him and making him smile, and at least one kissing in the rain in the gazebo scene. Or more than kissing. Bow chica wow wow…

*another ahem*

I volunteer to write it. I also volunteer to play Elizabeth. I can be witty and charming. I can. I’m charming and delightful, dammit!

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bryan reblogged a korrasami fanart?? when?? oh my god (and the man who coined the term 'poop gets real' reblogged a post with the f bomb i'm laughing)

ugh this is driving me crazy now, but i can’t find that particular post…he may have deleted it after he realized it had the f-bomb maybe? i don’t know xD oops, my bad! mike was the one who reblogged it!

BUT bryan’s posted LOTS of korrasami over the years anon. allow me to make a list…shhh it’s for science~ (mike’s posted less and mostly just the same korrasami posts as bryan except that one, so just bryan’s posts here…from most recent to oldest):

just stfu i’m a dork GOODBYE~

i haven’t even touched the korrasami tag for the first day in basically forever, and not because of anything bad. it’s because:

a) literally my whole dash is already korrasami

b) the tag is moving at the speed of light surrender now or prepare to fight

c) like it was hard to keep up w/ the tag after korra alone, the reunion, the gazebo remembrances scene…i knew that if this day came i couldn’t hope to try to keep up with the tag for even a second. and i wasn’t disappointed.

i just…it’s wild