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A Dying Art

summary; a prompt from phanfic 

phil has been a technician at radio 1 for a few years after graduating uni (he doesnt do yt) and dan is an up and coming vlogger who’s just got his own radio show. They meet at work and sometimes phil has to wander to the desk (in front of cameras) during a show and he and dan always joke around/flirt during songs so people start to ship them and things snowball from there

words: ~3k

warnings: none its all flufffffff (which im not the best at writing so SORRY)


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Reita: Getting my baby cleaned up.
Reita: I think I’m the calmest when I’m driving my car. When I’m driving my bike it’s more about feeling good than about feeling calm. I might look calm when I’m reading but since I’m always reading mystery novels my heart is actually beating like crazy. I can’t handle the gaps in the stories! 

  • Ruki: My laptop froze but I refuse to give up hoping that it will start working again so while I'm staring at the screen do you guys have any questions you'd like me to answer? ( ˘ω˘ )
  • Q1: What kaomoji would you use to describe your face when your laptop froze?
  • Ruki: (•ө•)
  • Q2: What day it is today?
  • Ruki: Computer Destruction Day
  • Q3: What do you think is the oldest age a person can be to still be able to start their life over?
  • Ruki: (´._.ˋ)…
  • Q4: What kaomoji would you use to describe the face you are planning to make when your laptop starts working again?
  • Ruki: (•ө•)
  • Q6: Please say one kind word to Re*ta- san, who has a birthday today! ´∩。•ω<。∩` ☆°
  • Ruki: i