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  • Ruki: My laptop froze but I refuse to give up hoping that it will start working again so while I'm staring at the screen do you guys have any questions you'd like me to answer? ( ˘ω˘ )
  • Q1: What kaomoji would you use to describe your face when your laptop froze?
  • Ruki: (•ө•)
  • Q2: What day it is today?
  • Ruki: Computer Destruction Day
  • Q3: What do you think is the oldest age a person can be to still be able to start their life over?
  • Ruki: (´._.ˋ)…
  • Q4: What kaomoji would you use to describe the face you are planning to make when your laptop starts working again?
  • Ruki: (•ө•)
  • Q6: Please say one kind word to Re*ta- san, who has a birthday today! ´∩。•ω<。∩` ☆°
  • Ruki: i

Reita: Getting my baby cleaned up.
Reita: I think I’m the calmest when I’m driving my car. When I’m driving my bike it’s more about feeling good than about feeling calm. I might look calm when I’m reading but since I’m always reading mystery novels my heart is actually beating like crazy. I can’t handle the gaps in the stories!