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Dangerous Love

TITLE: Dangerous Love


AUTHOR: Pretty Dead Girl

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that, when Loki comes to the tower, you fall in love with him even though you know you shouldn’t. Knowing that you are absolutely terrible at hiding your crush, you avoid him to not get into trouble. Everyone at the tower keeps away from him, but none avoid him as much as you do, and he gets curious. That’s how he finds out your little secret and he will no longer let you ignore him just like that.


Summary: The battle begins. Not everything goes as planned.
Notes: I am so, so sorry this took almost a month! I was seriously stuck on this chapter… I just hope I do it some justice. It’s a pretty important chapter…. You’ll see why. 


Loki could see her, laying on the ground and from what he could tell, also unconscious. His spell must have worked. At least, it felt like it had worked- He could feel her again. He felt whole. Moments ago, he’d teleported between her and Eirik while he was caught off guard, placing a hand upon each of their chests and using his Seidr to take back what he’d stolen- pulling her soul through himself and back into her. The final effect had thrown all three of them back in separate directions and Loki felt like he’d been smashed by the Hulk again, but it was well worth it if he had his Ragni back. Disoriented, he barely heard Tony’s cry to attack- The Avengers running at full speed each taking on their assigned assailants.

Eirik belonged to Loki.

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