gaza arc

Watching the Gaza Arc

for my latest fanfic chapter. It’s one of my favorite sets of episodes in the series so that’s not much of a chore, but it’s funny going through it for the tiny details. Like the fact that Josh does wear the same outfit from Gaza through to NSF Thurmont, that white shirt with the blue pinstripes and the brown suit. It makes sense under the circumstances, except that it obviously has been washed and ironed several times throughout the course of the arc. If he’d really worn the outfit for half a day at the White House, a nine hour plane flight, a night in the hospital, a day in the hospital, a clandestine meeting and a life or death wait for surgery, that collar would’ve been pancake-flat and he’d’ve had pit stains the size of dinner plates. My current going theory is that he actually had a second, identical shirt in his backpack. :D