My aunt and her friend are hosting a charity basketball tournament for Gaza soon at ICC (Islamic Center of Cleveland), I would love to include you guys as well! Please come into my ask box and I’ll give you all the information that I can! In shaa Allah we will raise money or even create new friendships as well!

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Gaza Could Become ‘Uninhabitable’ by 2020, U.N. Report Warns
New report reveals impact of 2014 Israel war on strip, which sent “almost all of the population into destitution”. Gaza could be “uninhabitable” in less than five years if current economic trends continue, according to a new United Nations report. “Reconstruction efforts are extremely slow relative to the magnitude of devastation,” the report said The Gaza Strip could become “uninhabitable” within five years, a United Nations report released Tuesday warns, as a result of Israeli military operations and a nearly decade-long blockade that have crippled its economy and infrastructure. Gaza, a small territory that’s home to about 1.8 million Palestinians, had “no time for meaningful reconstruction or economic recovery” after eight years of a devastating Israeli economic blockade, wrote the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in its annual report.
عصافير الجنة أنتم 🌾

كطيرٍ صغير أنت
تكابلت من حولك الصقور و النسور فضيّقت عيشك و هددت روحك بالخطر في داخل ذآك القفص الذهبي فقررت الرحيل و عند خروجك منه هرباً و حفاظاً على روحك البريئة خانتك الطبيعة الأم فلم تستطع يا صغيري إحتوائك و غدرت بك الضمائر البشرية فحلقت روحك إلى مكان أكثر أمناً و أكثر دفئاً و أكثر عدآلةً فقد ذهبت لخآلق الكون كعصفور يا عزيزي و ليس كأي عصفور فأنت الآن عصفورٌ في جنة الفردوس ^_^
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The Ruling on Showing the Wounds of the Muslims in Palestine and Other Places


Some presentations are established to show the wounds of the Muslims in Palestine and other places, and they contain pictures of the wounded and those killed, and sometimes they are presented by means of video, and the reason for that is to encourage the Muslims to give charitable donations to their brothers. So is this act permissible?

Ash-Shaikh Saalih Al-Fawzaan:

This act is not appropriate. It is not permissible to establish pictures for the injured. However, the Muslims should be called to give charity to their brothers, and they should be informed that their brothers are in bad circumstances, and that bad things are happening to them from the doings of the Jews, without them being shown pictures and pictures of the wounded people. This is because this contains the matter of utilizing picture making, and it also contains undertaking a burden that Allaah, the Most High, did not command. It also contains weakening the strength of the Muslims, because when you present before the people pictures of Muslims that have been mutilated, or with their body parts cut off, then this is what frightens the Muslims and makes the Muslims afraid of the deeds of the enemies. And what is obligatory is that the Muslims do not show weakness, and that they do not show the calamities, and they do not show these matters. Rather, they should conceal those matters so that they do not weaken the strength of the Muslims.

Hamas Setting Ambushes Along Gaza Fence - Terror groups putting up observation towers opposite IDF positions - 4 September 2015

Hamas is stepping up its military activities along the border with Israel, according to Makor Rishon. The newspaper reported Friday that besides preparing attack tunnels and carrying out training and patrols along the security fence, the terror organization that runs Gaza has begun setting nightly ambushes against IDF soldiers. Hamas said that it is doing this after identifying penetrations by IDF forces into Gaza territory.
Hamas recently paved a “security road” alongside the border fence which its forces patrol routinely. In addition, military positions and defensive dirt berms have been set up.
Makor Rishon says the IDF believes Hamas may did tunnels all along the new road, in a tactic similar to Hezbollah’s, from which its fighters will be able to emerge to fight an Israeli invasion, in the next round of heavy fighting.
The nightly ambushes are apparently meant to prevent IDF forces from reaching the area in which Hamas has been carrying out renewed digging of tunnels.

Even before last summer’s Israeli attack on Gaza and the further deterioration in the economy, 3 out of 5 households in Gaza and 1 out of 5 in the West Bank were food insecure – meaning they could not guarantee a reliable and sufficient supply of affordable and nutritious food.



Gaza could be uninhabitable by 2020.

It is reported by the UN that eight years of economic blockade by Egypt and Israel and three destructive and deadly wars with Israel since 8 years ago may lead Gaza to be uninhabitable in the next five years due to little reconstruction and economic downturn.

Last year’s invasion and bombing by Israel has killed more than 2,000 Palestinians and 10,000 injured.

More then half a million were displaced (out of a population of 1 million) and more than 100,000 are still displaced.

72% Gazans have poor access to food.

80% of Gazans need humanitarian support.

Gaza is still mostly in ruins.
Black activists send clear message to Palestinians: “Now is the time for Palestinian liberation, just as now is the time for our own in the United States”
More than 1,000 black activists released a statement reaffirming their “solidarity with the Palestinian struggle"
By David Palumbo-Liu

Until today there has not been a mass statement of support from black activists and groups to echo the one issued by Palestinians last year. Now, in a historical event, well over 1,000 black activists, artists, scholars, students and organizations have released a comprehensive, carefully crafted and passionately intoned statement reaffirming their “solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and commitment to the liberation of Palestine’s land and people,” and supporting “freedom and equality for Palestinian people.” In this sweeping and momentous document, the signatories make a point of drawing out the historical connections between the issues of black and Palestinian freedom and rights, and the urgency of their present-day struggles, calling the fight for Palestinian liberation “a key matter of our time”

Palestinian Support for BDS Waning - Most Palestinian Arabs also do not trust their leaders, a Palestinian-run poll reveals - 3 September 2015

Palestinian Arab support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement is waning, a poll run by a pro-Palestinian media research center reveals.
The Jerusalem Media Communications Center polled 1199 people in the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Gaza between August 19-23, 2015; the poll carries a +/-3% margin of error.
Of the total respondents, just 49.1% stated they support boycotting all Israeli products, down from 59.2% in March; just 34.1% of respondents said they actually do in practice.
By contrast, the percentage of Palestinian Arabs claiming they support boycotting “settlement” products in Jewish areas of Judea-Samaria rose by 1.8%, from 7.6% in March to 9.4% in August.
Most respondents distrust their political leaders and want elections - whether or not the current PA-Hamas “unity” government, which is by and large symbolic, remains.
Just 16.1% trust PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, down from 21.8% in March; support for Hamas politiburo leader Ismail Haniyeh dropped from 14.1% to 12.5% in the same period. 26.4% of Palestinian Arabs believe their government’s efficacy has declined, up from 15.8% in April.
58.9% of Palestinian Arabs want elections, even in the event of continued discord between Hamas and the PA’s ruling Fatah party; 35.8% want elections only in the event the two can be reconciled.
As for who would replace Abbas, 10.5% (9.1% from the PA and 12.9% from Gaza) said they would vote for archterrorist Marwan Barghouti - making him the most popular candidate. 7.1% stated they trust Barghouti, as well. Just second, at 9.8% (7.5% from the PA and 13.8% from Gaza), is Ismail Haniyeh. Likely replacement PA envoy Saeb Erekat and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal garnered a mere 3.3% each of the hypothetical vote. 33.6% of respondents remain undecided.

“On the third day of Eid, I saw some children playing on a ferris wheel set up near my house and I heard them singing and shouting as it was rotating; I rushed to join them. When I was up in the air I saw my destroyed house which was hit by an airstrike. Some of the children were asking whose house that was. I did not say it was mine; I just kept playing and enjoying my time. My Eideyah (Eid allowance) was 15 NIS (3 USD) this year; I spent 4 on the swing and with the rest I am going to buy a little doll so I can put her between my arms when I go to sleep every night.” Nora, 10, from Gaza.

UNICEF Palestine is sharing daily portraits of children in Gaza for 51 days to mark a year since the 51-day conflict of 2014.

So let me get this right: Israeli leaders incite violence against Palestinians every day of the year. Israeli settlers then act on that incitement. Now everyone acts shocked? The Israeli state is the main perpetrator of violence. It doesn’t give a damn about Palestinian babies, it murdered 551 children last summer.