Hamas Finally Admits: Islamic State (ISIS) Active in Gaza - 4 July 2015

After months of denial, Hamas has finally admitted that the ISIS terrorist group has established a network in Gaza.
ISIS-affiliated jihadist groups in Gaza have carried out sporadic rocket attacks against Israel over the past several months, shattering the delicate ceasefire between Israel and Gazan terrorist factions. The attacks have been seen both as a direct attack on Israel, as well as a challenge to Hamas - and specifically intended, security experts say, to provoke an Israeli response against Hamas.
ISIS jihadists have also been driectly engaged in a sometimes violent struggle with Gaza’s Hamas rulers, accusing them of not fully implementing Islamic law and demanding imprisoned Salafists be released.
But Hamas has officially denied ISIS has any presence in the territory it rules, even as it continues to arrest ISIS supporters.
But on Friday, for the first time a senior Hamas official admitted ISIS has a presence in Gaza.
In an interview with Hamas’s Al Quds TV, senior spokesperson and Political Bureau official Mousa Abu Marzouk responded to a recent video message from ISIS fighters in the Syria city of Aleppo, in which the group threatened to overthrow Hamas.
“Why do they want to turn Gaza into a sea of blood, and what capabilities does this group have to threaten like this?” Marzouk retorted.
He claimed there were mere “dozens” of ISIS members in Gaza and that they “are not organized,” while vowing that Hamas authorities would soon stamp them out.
“I believe they are extending the prisons [to accommodate them - ed.]” he said.
Most analysts believe ISIS’s presence in Gaza - while still relatively small - is significantly larger than Marzouk’s estimates, ranging from several hundred to a few thousand active members or affiliated terrorists.
Marzouk added that the crackdown against ISIS in Gaza needed to be multi-faceted, given that the problem was not just a security one but also an ideological struggle.
He also claimed that many family members of ISIS supporters in Gaza had turned to the Hamas security forces to dissuade their relatives from joining the global jihadist movement.
Abu Marzouk’s admission came on the same day as ISIS’s branch on Egypt fired rockets at southern Israel.


Ibrahim Al-Jamal, 17, from‎ Gaza‬ farewell his cubs before being transferred to a nature reserve in Africa‬ .

Al-Jamal had bought the cubs when they were a month old from a zoo in the Gaza town of Rafah, after it was hit during last summer’s Israeli attack on Gaza. He said the original owners of the small South Jungle Zoo were worried they eventually would not be able to afford to buy meat to feed the cubs as they grew.

Ted Cruz Would Remove United States From Human Rights Council

Ted Cruz Would Remove United States From Human Rights Council

Ted Cruz wants the Unites States to withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council in complete disregard for those around the world whose basic human rights are being violated. On Friday, ranking crazy Republican presidential wannabe Ted Cruz openly called for the United States to stop being a member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations after the body correctly called out and…

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your friendly reminder that Malala Yousafzai actually had a polite sit down with Obama to talk about how his drone strike policy was perpetuating the conditions for the Taliban to thrive in Pakistan and it literally changed nothing about the U.S’s droke strike policy.  

your friendly reminder that last year Muslims went to iftar at the white house only to be told that the U.S will continue giving financial aid to Israel as Gaza effectively burned in the background

so tell me again why what Jennicet Guitierrez did was “disrespectful” and not a necessary act of civil disobedience when clearly polite political sitdowns with the marginalized are not affecting Obama’s policies 


This is Muna Keskin, the only female neurosurgeon in Gaza, performing surgery on a patient at the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.
Images taken on the 2nd of June 2015, by Ali Hassan, Anadolu Agency.


200,000 Prayers in Al-aqsa today attended the first Friday prayer in Ramadan

Tens of thousands of Muslim worshippers streamed through Jerusalem’s Old City to one of Islam’s most revered sites Friday as Israel eased restrictions for the fasting month of Ramadan.

Police said at least 80,000 people from east Jerusalem, Israel and the West Bank had gone to Al-Aqsa mosque, Islam’s third-holiest site, for Friday prayers, the first since this week’s start of Ramadan.

There were also 500 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip who were allowed rare permission to pray at the site, an Israeli official said.

They made their way through the Old City’s narrow alleyways and plazas, decorated in areas with lights and lanterns. Sellers hawked prayer mats to passing pilgrims.

Women of all ages and men aged 40 and over from the Israeli-occupied West Bank were allowed into Jerusalem without permits, normally required to cross checkpoints and exit the territory.

According to police, 48,000 Palestinians from the West Bank were among Friday’s visitors compared to a few thousand on an average Friday.

Sheikh Azzam al-Khatib, head of the Islamic Waqf which runs Al-Aqsa, told AFP he estimated 200,000 worshippers were in and around the compound.