Hey! The new issue of INVADER ZIM is out today and it’s got a hellish space donkey in it! It’s pretty much what my entire life has been building up to so I hope you enjoy the high point or my career and what marks the begin of my rapid decline from here on out. 

Issue 3 was written by Eric Trueheart, drawn by Aaron Alexovich, inked by Megan Lawton, colored by Rikki Simons and Jenny Goldberg while I sat back, played Arkham Knight and occasionally checked my email for updates on how the book was going and grunted.

Okay, I DID play a lot of Arkham Knight, did everything but every single Riddler challenge because I ain’t got time f’dat, but I also wrote a bunch of the intro with Gaz up to that touching, sisterly scene above.

EDIT: Had to edit this post because of some weird sentence fragments that were left over from sentences I rewrote, so the unedited version appeared to say that this issue was the NADIR or my career! That makes it sound so bad! Everyone did an amazing job and this issue is far from the lowest point in my career! THAT IS YET TO COME AND I HOPE YOU’RE AROUND TO SUFFER THROUGH IT!