-Teen Wolf Sterek AU: Tattoo Artist -
When Stiles first entered the tattoo parlor, he was expecting some burly guy with a gray beard and a skin cap to stare him down skeptically before sending him right back out the door. Instead, what he got was a guy just a few years older with a five o'clock shadow and tattoos up and down his arms, who spoke the minimum amount of words required and probably over-charged him. If that wasn’t bad enough, each second the guy had the needle pressed into Stiles’ skin, his free hand was firmly gripping to the curve of Stiles’ hip to keep him steady for the duration. Just feeling that thumb pressing into his skin and holding him down made Stiles think of all the different ways the guy could be utilizing such a strong grip. Every now and then, Stiles could hear the clack of a tongue-ring pressing against teeth, catching a glimpse only once or twice during the rare smiles Stiles forced out of the guy with a few well placed one-liners.

The best part was probably when he went to pay, probably because as Stiles headed for the door, he heard a voice call after him. “If it fades after healing and you want a touch-up, or you want any more done, ask for Derek.”

Yeah, Stiles was definitely going to be coming back for some touch-ups.

For Gaywolf; I’d write the actual if I wasn’t super busy with the upcoming Bangs… so this was the best I could do. o^o