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1. I Miss The Misery- Halestorm
2. Architects- Rise Against
3.With a Kiss- Dylan Gardner
4. Rhythm Inside- Lioc Nottet
5. Do What U Want- Lady Gaga
6. 93 Million Miles- 30 Seconds To Mars
7. Apocalyptic- Halestorm
8.Red To Black- Fort Minor
9. Caught In The Middle- Redlight King
10. Skin- Sixx:A.M.

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theonyxhotel asked:

Hello! :) I LOVE your background! And your tumblr's name :) Why gaywarlock? xo

Haha thank you! And I picked gaywarlock for a few reasons. The first is: I’m gay. Second: I love Harry Potter. Third: There’s an actual gay warlock in American Horror Story: Coven and I love that show and think it’s hilarious that there’s a gay warlock in it.