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hey just so you know i love you and i know how you feel. im sorry you feel like shit. and im sure you know this but you should sleep this emptiness/sadness off or try to take your mind off of it somehow. you do deserve axel and he deserves you and you know that. good luck and i hope you feel better soon. <(⌒-⌒<)

uuh yeah you’re right and thanks a lot ok

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i’m>?? homestuck is so great i’m really glad you’re reading it! do you like it so far? where are you up to?

i sort of got bored just when we were officially introduced to the trolls because FUCKING SHIT UP AND FIGHTING AND CHESSBOARDS and then it’s like oh this sucks but now i’m back into it and i am here:

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jesus christ you should’ve just to teach him some manners

don’t even talk to me about it jfc

little shit

you know why he fucks around with my sister? cuz for all that he’s posher and ‘cleverer’ and he’s the big boy in the playground, he found out that his daddy earns a bit fucking less than mine and that his daddy isn’t the big banker on campus despite having the nicer accent and now he’s picking on her because he can’t stand the fact that him and his fucking middle class, red wine in the evening, ski chalet in france family is poorer than us

that’s what it is and i could kill him for his stupid misplaced pride