do not think about sherlock and john in the shower together and john laughing at how flat sherlock’s hair gets and how it covers his eyes and definitely do not think about john lifting the hair out of sherlock’s eyes and saying “hi, handsome” and kissing him and absolutely DO NOT think about sherlock gently kissing down the back of john’s neck as he idly washes his back DO NOT EVER


“I mean, you’re good Hermione, but no one’s that good. How’re you supposed to be in three classes at once?”

it is what it is.

“What’ll be the title of this one, then?” Sherlock asks as he removes the red-haired wig from his head. He throws the wig cap away with wild abandon - he has at least four more - and ruffles out his curls. 

How they can remain immaculate is beyond John’s reasoning, but then again, not everything can be explained by logic or reason. That’s why he’s around. “’The Red-Haired Stepchild’?” John muses with a shrug. He rips off the fake mustache with a hiss - he thought that ghastly thing would come off cleaner - and rubs his upper lip. He sees Sherlock smirking in delight and throws the mustache at him. “I’ll come up with the title after lunch. Tea?”

“Please,” Sherlock replies with the tiniest of smiles. He falls upon his new chair, a more modern uptake of the same one lost in the fire, and puts his feet upon the table.

“Just going to check on Rosie first,” John adds as an afterthought before disappearing to the upstairs bedroom. He comes back down a few moments after; the coos and happy tone in his voice signal his return before Sherlock even sees his feet on the stairs.

By the time John and Rosie are in the sitting room, Sherlock is grinning and bright-eyed. He holds his hands out expectantly. John pulls Rosie closer to him with a pout.

“I’m her father, I get to see her first,” he reasons before planting kiss after kiss on his girl’s head. She kicks with glee and flails her stubby arms.

Sherlock crosses his not-so-stubby arms and glares at the sight. “Well, I’m her Papa,” he argues, “and she’s still getting to know me.”

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A little homage to @quietlyprim and xer TJLC Explained series, which has changed the lives of so many people, myself included.

I hope you enjoy my rudimentary accordion skills 😘❤️

imagine sherlock undressing john languidly and unrushed and he kisses all along his neck and collarbone and asks him to turn so he can paint his back with  kisses, and he sees john’s shoulder scar, not for the first time but now, in shadow only visibly by memory, it’s even more intriguing, and he brushes his lips over it, not kissing just barely touching, and john shudders and begins to shrug away from his affections, but sherlock utters against his skin, breath hot in the chilly air, “this brought you to me.”

imagine john undressing sherlock kindly and slowly and he noses his freshly-washed hair and kisses the back of his neck in little, adoring pecks, and he sees the scars on his back, he’s seen them before but somehow, washed in blue moonlight, the sight of them is more poigant, and he strokes each gash - short and long and shallow and deep - with his index finger, and sherlock shudders and starts to say his name in protest, but john tips his forehead onto sherlock’s shoulder and mumbles, “these brought you back to me.”

and sherlock brushes his fingers over the minuscule scars on john’s temple and remembers nearly losing him in the bonfire, and john tenderly kisses sherlock’s clean bullet scar on his abdomen and remembers nearly losing him again to someone he once thought he loved, and their scars are little pieces of evidence of the struggle they’ve fought just to be together, and it’s all been so worth it
Sh*t Johnlockers/TJLCers Say
(Please do not repost! Reblog here - ) For all of my TJLC fam! January will set us free. Thank you everyone for your support and amazing contributions to our...

Here it is, guys! Three months after originally pitching the idea, it’s done! And it’s over 5 minutes, sheesh. Anyway, all’a that is for every Johnlocker and TJLCer - we’re all a big, emotional, dorky family.

I’d like to extend special thanks to the lovely and wonderful Steph at @inevitably-johnlocked for everything she’s contributed, namely in helping me get this idea out and have suggestions start rolling in. And just for being an amazing part of the TJLC community. 💖 More special thanks to Rebs at @quietlyprim for their excellent videos and for much inspiration. Also many thanks to my Johnlock partner in crime Madalyn at @chrysanthemumsies, who is featured in this video as my skype buddy, and who helped me look over many clips and compile the final product. 

Extra tags are below the cut, and there’s a crapton of them - my friendos, people who supported me and contributed ideas, people I just admire and respect, etc. I have been told by several people that they really love this idea because it represents all of us and all the ridiculous things we think, say, and do, that we can’t always get out there. I love the TJLC community and so those compliments mean a lot to me. This is for all of you. 💖

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So I was reading an article on ANN today, having a fine time, entertainingly written and all. And then I hit a wall.

A wall that demanded I get my gaytective gear out for One Last Job (pardon the scan quality - I had to use my own collection). 

Because my dudes of all genders, let me tell you, they’re right. There’s no chemistry to be found in Petshop of Horrors. 

We all know, after all, that flowers around a meaningful meeting in josei? Means nothing.

A common sentiment from a man who openly hates and resents the human race, which the chapter up to this point was written around emphasizing. 

That tsundere. 


Presented without commentary. 

And certainly other characters never pick up on anything either.

From friends, to say….

…total strangers…

…domestic disputes….


And the series ends with a separation that Leon refuses to accept, leading him to leave the law behind entirely to pursue D on his own, just for the chance of meeting him again. As though the center around which the series spins was the progress of this relationship from pure hatred to complicated obsession.

…..Sorry what was I saying? 

john takes a part time position at a clinic in sussex for the first few years of sherlock’s retirement he only works a few hours each week and his schedule is set and soon his coworkers notice that every wednesday at noon someone comes into john’s office and gives him a sandwich and a kiss and heads out and when they ask who it is john shrugs and says “just my husband” and smiles at the dumb stickynote on his brown paper (and puts it in his drawer along with all the others)

this is it guys, the last few hours until we see either the most groundbreaking romance ever aired on television or the floor is lava literally?? 

i want to thank all of you so so so much im not being even fucking soppy i’ve been through SO FUCKING MUCH these past 3 years since i joined this fandom i battled so many demons including depression, eating disorders, and just everything shitty and you, all of you helped me live through it all and here i am - waiting for the most beautiful thing to happen - sherlock holmes and john watson to kiss for the first ever time in 130 years 

i owe you my life guys, if it werent for you i would 100% dead im not even exaggerating i love you i love you i love im fucking drunk but johnlock helped me learn whats love and i finally escaped from a physically abusive relationship so thank you so so so so much

i want to break my heart into tiny tiny pieces and give it to every individual here and for all the people who follow me i love you u cant comprehend how grateful i am to be with you -  @bimartin (ily so much u fucking idiot), @quietlyprim @marcelock @cuccaine2 @glassofteajlc @hotsmugstache @johnlockfulfillment @teapotsubtext @cloisteredself @softlavenders @propergenius @johnlockogie @johnsjawline @1895ad @1895 @nondeducible @writemeastoryofsolitude @kinklock  @rainlock @szpok @gayufo @brothersholmes @sadlawyer @warmth-and-constancy @darkmofftiss @deserthearts @darlingbenny @deducingbbcsherlock @deducethegay @detectivelyd @dry @dramaqueern @drool-is-love @shylocks @shylockgnomes @thediogenes @balletlock @softelytjlc @jeslock @syupon @paintingwithpablo @theymakemagic @heartoftheconspiracy @sherrinfordholmes @grumpybijohn @grumpy-swoop @graceebooks @gaytheist @greglestrade @cakepopsforeveryone @therealmartinsgrrrl @rosegoldsherlock @rominatrix @susscx @theneckstroke @thecumbercollective @thetwelfthpanda @the-7-percent-solution @taikova

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thank you so so much for all of you and to everyone how is following me 

because of you i am still alive and well and i cant wait till sherlock holmes and john watson kiss

i love you so much!!! thank you!

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i honestly never though i’d see the day… like i can’t thank yall enough because these past few months have been some of the most memorable times of my life, i’ve made memories i’ll never forget and truly changed as a person. no matter what happens, this will always have been worth it. it’s been so crazy and so incredibly fun. get ready to get fucky. 

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