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Hi I'm a lesbian but I was raped by a man. Does this mean I'm not a gold star lesbian? I mean technically I've had sexual contact with a man but it wasn't by choice. I'd appreciate your thoughts thank you :)

For one thing the term “gold star” is meant to be facetious, not the strict hierarchy of the gaystapo that straight “queer” kids on tumblr seem to think it is. 

Also no one in their right mind would tell you that rape counts as any kind of sex and if someone has they’re pretty much a monster. 

Normally I don’t post protests by right-wing groups, unless they’re being smashed of course, but these homophobic protesters in Italy have really outdone themselves with how over the top ridiculous they are.

The first sign says “No to the Gaystapo” (using a Nazi organisation to make Gay people sound scary, while protesting alongside literal fascists), while the second sign says “Stop Gender!”, which hilariously is something many of my least cishet followers would probably agree with :v

The homophobes were protesting against a law that will soon be voted which would give gay couples with civil unions, and unmarried heterosexual couples, the same rights as they would have under marriage, including the adoption of their partners’ children. Last week hundreds of thousands of proponents of the bill took to the streets in favor of the law.


I got a little mad…

The article in question is supposedly written by a gay man (although conveniently he used a pseudonym to stay safe from the “gaystapo”). He argues that marriage is about making babies, so it’s only logical to be against same-sex marriage. Of course.

Freedom of speech, as it relates to sexual morality, no longer exists in Canada.


Canada is indeed already well down the road to totalitarianism with human rights commissions and their tribunals and boards of inquiry, running roughshod over Christians and conservatives who have not toed the line on complete acceptance of the gay agenda.

Dr. Scott Lively, Redeming the Rainbow, A Christian Response to the “Gay” Agenda

Fascism is a political system whereby all opposition to and dissent from the government is disallowed and crushed. Fascism is a philosophy which tolerates no deviation from an established norm, that being the dictates of a powerful elite. Fascism is opposed to the eternal, unchanging, objective law of God and is based on the subjective desires and goals of those who have the power to crush their opposition. In many Western nations, a form of fascism has taken root and presents a clear, present, and growing danger to Christian liberty and the Church of Jesus Christ. This force for evil may justly be referred to as “homo-fascism” due to the fact that those espousing and driving it have as their goal to demonize, marginalize, and silence any criticism of or opposition to homosexual acts and the sodomite agenda.

Dr. Scott Lively, Redeeming the Rainbow, A Christian Response to the “Gay” Agenda