gays rule !

I need to get something off my chest.

I know I said before that I personally don’t like the stereotypes yaoi has or the way fujoshis portray gay couples

But lately I feel like all the bashing against them or straight women who watch shows with LGBT characters in general is uncalled for

Usually, they simply enjoy the ship like any other ship(Of course excluding the ones who call it sin) and even learn to support the LGBT community along the way?

Meanwhile straight men who enjoy lesbian porn and content in general still treat the LGBTQA+ community like shit, only like lesbian couples for their sexual fantasies and even sometimes claim they dislike real life LBTQA+ women?? Yet I don’t see long ass posts bashing them or people giving them names with awful meanings like fujoshis?

Also, whenever there’s a show with a gay ship straight men spend their time bashing the shippers (and the show if this ship becomes canon), meanwhile straight women react to lesbian ships with neutrality and even positivity most of the time, if not always?

This feels like yet another way to hate on women…


We’ve got so much in common! We’re both ambitious. We’re both super hot. I blackmailed and murdered my way up the Hyperion ladder, you came up with that sick Vault key deal…

Master List

Alright, to help you guys around our blog, here’s our list of links to everything and just an overall list of things we’ve done. This will be constantly updated at the least every week, if not more often. So, heh, enjoy ^^

If I’ve messed up on any of the links, please let me know!! It is such a long list and I’ve messed it up already a few times and had to fix it so heaven knows how many more mistakes I’ve made x)

~Sunflower (:


Art made for us or by us

Lilac and Peony

MC x Seven



Amnesia Jumin x MC (Angst)

Amnesia Pt. 2 Jumin x MC (Angst)

Break up scare Seven x MC (Angst)

Extremely possessive Jumin X male!MC getting into a fight (Angst)

MC going to bookstore with Saeran (Fluff)

MC is in love with Saeran instead of Seven (Angst)

MC takes naps in the weirdest places at the Choi’s (Fluff)

Seven and MC fights and MC leaves for a few days (Angst)

(Short) MC brings home a kitten to Saeran (Fluff)

Zen never getting the nerve up to ask MC out until it’s too late (Angst)


Lilac and Peony



Jumin forced to marry Sarah (+ extra) + Happy ending

Night owls or early birds? RFA + V + Saeran

When you break up with a character, they revert to their old self


Christmas Fluff with the RFA

Just Dance with the RFA

Plug in your favorite charrie and imagine these cute moments

More cute moments

The Great V Debate

Sunflower actually enjoyed this way too much all of your admins did lol

Your admins have a problem

Minty blue?

Blue da ba dee da

Complete assault on Sunflower + a bunch of V pics

Thanks y’all

V’s Hair is Blue sunflower still disagrees


Abusive relationship help RFA

Abusive sibling RFA

Accident causing MC to act like a kid RFA + Saeran

Actual witch MC RFA + V + Saeran

Anxious MC RFA + V + Saeran

Asexual MC RFA

Bad Pun MC (very cringy xD) RFA + V + Saeran

Birthday for MC RFA + V + Saeran

Back acne MC RFA

Ballerina MC RFA + V + Saeran

Bathing with MC RFA + V + Saeran

Beaten up and kidnapped MC RFA + V + Saeran

Bilingual MC forgets certain words RFA + V + Saeran

Break ups RFA

Break ups (RFA beaking up with MC) RFA

Break up and getting back together Saeran + V

Breaking the RFA completely RFA + V + Saeran

Calling MC Rika in bed Jumin + V

Camping alone together RFA + V + Saeran

Cheating on MC RFA

Clingy MC feeling not good enough RFA + V + Saeran

Clumsy MC RFA + V + Saeran

Coffee preferences RFA

Disappearing MC after Rika returns RFA + V + Saeran

Drunk MC in RFA’s rooms (K-Drama based) RFA

Extroverted MC RFA + V + Saeran

Failing at cooking w/ MC RFA + V

Family w/ MC RFA + V + Saeran

Favorite cuddling position RFA 

First dates RFA + Saeran

First kiss initiated by Jaehee and Saeran

Ghost MC RFA + V + Saeran

Helping MC with homework RFA + V + Saeran

Highly stressed artist MC RFA + V + Saeran

Holiday fanatic MC RFA + V + Saeran

Introverted MC RFA + V + Saeran

Kinks RFA + V

Li’l tummy MC RFA + V

MC almost dies on mission with Seven and Saeran

MC getting back together RFA

MC getting into a fistfight RFA + V

MC has magical abilities RFA + V + Saeran

MC having hypnagognic hallucinations RFA + V + Saeran

MC initiates first kiss RFA + V + Saeran

Oral by MC RFA + V + Saeran

Pregnant MC RFA + Saeran

Pregnant MC w/ twins RFA + V + Saeran

Professional dancer MC RFA + V + Saeran

Professional ice skater MC RFA

Possessive MC RFA + Saeran

Random boner RFA + V + Saeran

Real life meeting RFA + V + Saeran

Saeran making MC cry

Self-Care MC  RFA + V+ Saeran

Sensitive to loud noises male!MC RFA + V + Saeran

Sexy cat MC surprising Jumin and Zen

Tattoo with their name in it RFA + V + Saeran

Used to be chubby but isn’t anymore (not really reacted to, but a response from the admin’s ^^)

Waitress MC RFA 

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