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Hot take for those of you just joining on the gay café™ discourse.

Yes there should absolutely be non-alcholic spaces for underage lgbt people and those who choose not to drink. This should also include poor lgbt persons and lgbt persons of color which means this business shouldn’t be in a gentrified area and it shouldn’t charge 5 dollars for a cup of bean water with organic non-gmo coconut milk and Arabian sugar.

The above can be true without painting gay bars as pervasive sex dungeons full of leather and without denying the history surrounding gay bars as it relates to gay culture and the aids crisis. Gay bars are a dying breed. We need more not less of them if we want to keep our history alive. But we could also use other places like bookshops and cafés that sell lgbt literature and merchandise.

Someone: when are you gonna stop drawing gay stuff omg

Me, drawing more gay stuff: wow suddenly I can’t read