The Meeting (Part 1)

*****This fic switches between Alex and Maggie - all in 3rd person. The ~~~~~ represent the switches. I hope you can follow along and enjoy! 

Alex Danvers never thought she’d be fit for a relationship. Yeah, she dated around here and there, but the guy was either too boring or too dumb to understand the way her mind wandered. She assumed it was her, that she was the problem.

Maggie Sawyer, on the other hand, always pictured herself with a girl, regardless of the comments she pretended not to hear or the bickering when she held a girl’s hand in public. She tried so hard to please the world by hooking up with boys in high school, but it only felt right when she was with a girl. But the thing is…she hasn’t found the right girl.

Alex gave up on her life love soon after J’onn recruited her for the DEO. Her relationship with Kara has always been the most important to her. She didn’t really have time to go out on dates either, not with chasing around aliens all day. She didn’t know that was about to change, and quite frankly, neither did Maggie.


Maggie went about her usual routine in the morning; brewed a pot of coffee, threw on a leather jacket and black skinny jeans, and bolted over to the precinct on her motorcycle. All the men in her unit gawked at her whenever she would pull up and swiftly remove her helmet revealing her dark hair and dimples. Their looks were unrequited. She immersed herself into every case file that was waiting for her on her desk. After all, everyone knew she was a badass, even though at first her petite size made her chief question her abilities to protect the city. But of course she proved them all wrong. That was just the way Maggie Sawyer rolled; she didn’t take shit from anyone.

The morning seeped into the afternoon slowly, making Maggie grow hungry quicker than usual. She decided to take an early lunch break to hit the city for some lunch. She jumped on her motorcycle and went straight to the food trucks. Maggie found a spot just close enough to the food trucks so she could read the menus while leaning against her bike. She inevitably chose “Burger Joes” only because she was in the mood for some fries and a milk shake. She observed two girls in line that seemed attached hip.


Alex and Kara spent their morning training at the DEO. They recently got new weapons that would help humans fight harder against aliens, including new protective wear. Of course Alex couldn’t resist trying them out, and Kara obliged. Alex felt like a whole new person and could not stop jumping up and down at the thought of defeating an alien all on her own. After being in the training room for hours, the sisters were famished and decided to take a lunch break downtown at the food trucks. They were both in need of a good old fashioned milk shake and fries.

While they were waiting in line a revved up motorcycle pulled up right behind them. Alex turned to check it out, curious about the man controlling it. The driver stood up and took off their helmet uncovering their dark wavy hair. Alex’s breath caught in her throat at the sight of…her.

“Should I get the double cheeseburger or just two cheeseburgers?” Kara pondered her choices, waiting for Alex to tell her what to do as usual. It was silent for a few moments until Kara nudged Alex on the shoulder. “Hello, earth to Alex.”

“What?” Alex whipped her head back to focus on Kara.

“Did you just see an alien or something?” Alex’s little sister made an obvious turn around to take a look at her surroundings.

“No, no. It’s just that girl is driving the same motorcycle I have. No one else would ever think to get that but me,” it wasn’t just the fact that the girl had the same motorcycle as Alex, it was that Alex has never been so drawn into someone’s effortless beauty the way she just was. She’s never been so drawn into a woman’s beauty the way she just was. Kara giggled and glanced back at the confident woman leaning against her bike.


Maggie noticed the two, she assumed best friends, right away; especially the slender woman with short brown hair. She’s seen a lot of beautiful women, sure, but this one…her mind even seemed beautiful which perplexed Maggie. She soon became intrigued, so she had stepped in line right behind them before anyone else could. She had been intent on trying to listen in on their conversations, and she could tell by the way the taller one was peeking at her motorcycle that she was interested too.

She didn’t know if she should say something to start a conversation. Maybe initiate one with the topic of motorcycles? No. Too nerdy. She thought to herself. Maybe compliment her? On what? Everything. Shut up you dumbass. Her tongue tied itself in a knot so she stayed silent. She was usually good at this, meeting new women and putting herself out there, so why was it that all of the sudden she couldn’t even introduce herself or bring up one her favorite topics?  She really is beautiful. Maggie analyzed Alex’s posture and her clothes and, well, her body. She seemed resilient and lionhearted and her legs…they were long and built. Maggie bit her lip as she made eye contact with her.  

The shorter, more stout girl started a conversation, so she listened in.

“Should I get a double cheeseburger or just two cheeseburgers?” She asked. There was no response for a bit so she continued on, “Hello, earth to Alex.” Then came a confused “What?”

Alex. Her name is Alex. Maggie was glad she could put a name to the girl’s face. She wondered where her mind was at in that moment, and wondered if Alex blanked out often.


Alex never blanked out. Never. Her mind was constantly racing; with new facts, always having to know where Kara is, and with anything that has to do with any type of alien or weapon ever. She never blanked out. Not like this. She managed to get out her order and step to the waiting line.

“Can I get a name for your order?” The cashier asked.

“Kara,” she said then joined Alex.

“Are you okay?” Kara grew worried, which happened often enough that Kara always knew Alex would say yes.

“Yes, I think I’m just really tired and hungry from all the fighting today,” Alex offered.

“Well, you should be. You were kicking a lot of ass. A lot of my ass,” Kara giggled at herself for cursing which only made Alex join in. She glanced back over at the girl ordering her food.

“Can I get a name?” The cashier asked her.

“Maggie,” she returned.

Maggie. Alex looked her up and down, noticing her NCPD Science Division badge on her belt. Science Division and a cop, not bad. She couldn’t take her eyes off of her.

“Alex, are you sure you’re okay?” Kara nudged her big sister again. “You’ve been acting really strange since we got here.”

“I…I’m fine.” They continued waiting for their food. Alex froze when Maggie rubbed past her to reach the napkins.


Maggie discovered the other girl’s name was Kara. Maybe she could research them both when she got back to the precinct. No that’s against the law. She had to do something. But what? She questioned herself hoping for an immediate answer. Maybe “accidentally” brush against her. That’s good. Do it. She noticed a small gap between Alex and the napkins and decided to take a chance. She stepped just close enough to where she felt Alex’s skin. She almost stopped breathing as she suddenly wanted nothing more than this stranger to become someone.

It was crazy, she hasn’t even said one word to this random girl and she’s already thinking about her becoming something more. That doesn’t ever happen. Not to Maggie Sawyer. She was dazzled and wanted more than just a brisk touch.

“You work in the Science Division of NCPD, huh?” Maggie was taken aback by Alex’s question. 

“I..I do,” Maggie shyly replied, her fingers clasping onto her badge. She noticed.

“That’s your bike too?” Alex nodded towards her motorcycle.

“It is.”

“I have one myself. I switched over to it because of the easy shift in gears and accelerated speed,” Maggie’s face showed nothing but shock.

“You know about ducatis?”

“Do I?” Alex scoffed but in the most adorable way - like she was incapable of being harmful to another human being.

“I’ve had this bad boy for a few years now, and I couldn’t be happier,” Bad boy. Maggie, what the fuck.

“Kara, your food is ready,” the lady behind the counter called out. Dammit.

“See you around…?” Was all Maggie could get out.

“Alex…Danvers,” Alex’s whole body was turned towards Maggie’s at this point, sending a dry patch into Maggie’s throat.

“I’m Maggie Sawyer. See you around, Danvers,” Alex couldn’t hide her smile and Maggie couldn’t hide her blushing. She was stuck between thanking God for Alex’s food being ready and hating him for letting her go too soon. Her eyes followed Alex and Kara until they were no longer in sight. She sighed when her name was called for her food.


Maggie’s touch took over Alex’s mind. Kara, the food, her surroundings seemed to fade away only leaving Maggie. You have to say something now. Oh my God. Oh my God. Okay. I have to do it now. Her mind was running round frantically trying to come up with what to say. The badge. 

“You work in the Science Division of NCPD, huh?” Alex switched back to her confident side. Kara stepped out of the way so the two could talk.

“I..I do,” Maggie tucked her hair behind her ear and her fingers found their way around her badge. Alex noticed everything.

“That’s your bike too?” Alex didn’t know what got ahold of her, but she wanted to crawl through every inch of this stranger’s brain.

“It is,” Maggie was shy and couldn’t keep her hands still.

“I have one myself. I switched over to it because of the easy shift in gears and accelerated speed,” Maggie’s face grew surprised.

“You know about ducatis?” Maggie took a step towards Alex. Holy shit. Okay calm down, Alex.

“Do I?” Alex huffed but chuckled lightly.

“I’ve had this bad boy for a few years now, and I couldn’t be happier,” Alex couldn’t help but grin. She said bad boy. That was so cute. Alex’s thoughts were interrupted when Kara’s name was called. She snapped out of the bubble she suddenly found herself in with Maggie.

“See you around…” Maggie wanted more.

“Alex…Danvers,” she needed one last look at those dark eyes and dimples.

“I’m Maggie Sawyer. See you around, Danvers,” Kara displayed the overloaded milkshake making Alex’s mouth water. Not that it wasn’t watering before that. Alex followed Kara down the sidewalk and into the park behind the food trucks. 

“Who was that?” Kara asked.

“Just some girl…a cop,” Kara seemed to focused on the two cheeseburgers in her lap to notice Alex’s shaky voice. Her mind never left Maggie.