As Scott has clearly stated, I love each and every one of you just as much as Scott loves Isaac (which is a lot ok). So here it is, my “Hey, I have friends?”/LaCall Approved™/Holiday follow forever: 

Carrie (aka my soulmate, best friend, and anything to my everything) / Go Diego Go / Dani #1 (aka the coolest person I know) / Ali (aka my precious princess) / Bela The Beauty / B(arbie) / Laura (aka light of my life) / Dani #2 / Tams (aka my other half) / Conna (aka Connor) / Mona (aka Marion aka I just met you but you are lovely)

And of course, anyone that I follow, I love. So, refer to my blogroll to look at some other wonderful blogs that I drool over daily. 

(P.S.- If I forgot you, I am very sorry.)