ciserasure-moved asked:

ok real talk u would get a drifloon because i have a drifloon and they would both be male and we would ship them RLLY HARD and eventually one of the gets mpreg and we realize urs is a chick and we still ship it rlly hard n e ways we also never let them evolve so theyre always babies 4 ever

WOW AND HERE I THOUGHT I HAD FOUR BOY AND TWO GIRLS ON MY TEAM BUT IT WAS APPARENTLY THREE BOYS AND GIRLS. (I have a weird thing were four of my pokemon need to be boys and two girls ahaha;;)

but aaaaah, i love having pokemon that get all cutsie with someone else’s pokemon. uvu and it takes me a really long time TO FINALLY LET MY POKEMON EVOLVE BECAUSE SOB BABIES NO YOU MUST STAY AS BaBiES NSJS FNDVJKSDFN