@saeadame: Burner

@glompcat: the burners

@underrated-insanities: Burners, but I have hear heating coil from the more technically minded.

@ mywitfailsme : burner

@mesa-verde: element

brinewolf : From AZ and we call em burners. Moved to TX and they call them burners. My parents are from Michigan and they also call them burners

see this is awesome cause my entire natural life I’ve called them ‘the eye’ of the stove. like ‘take that pot off the eye please.”  I didn’t hear the word burner or element until I was quite old. 

um— i can explain

So @acenepeta and i were talking the other day about BMC and the boyf riends and one thing led to another and now there are concepts for the BMC characters’ love children

First up is the gaymerg irls Lara and Zelda, the daughters of the boyf riends Jeremy and Michael- both named after video game characters, obviously

I have a lot of feelings for this au guys

Here are some head canons remi and I made for these two

  • “they have video game nights were they pair off against each other and it’s wild and gets competitive really fast” - Remi
  • “Their favorite is super smash bros melee on the Nintendo 64- Zelda always plays as Zelda and Lara always plays as Link- Michael is always Pikachu and Jeremy is always Kirby” - me
  • “And none of them are above pulling controller cords if they are losing”- me
  • “it’s only a matter of time before someone starts pushing their elbow in the other teams face”- Remi
  • “Lara has headphones Michael got her for Christmas that she wears religiously”- me
  • “Zelda would be more confident than Lara but still a gigantic dweeb- she’s loud and reference video games a lot and she always gets slushies and sushi from 7Eleven and she only ever wears hoodies- her favorite is an oversized PAC-man hoodie that she will eventually grow into and she’s had it since she was a toddler and for years and to this day her dad’s have to pry it off of her while she claws and hisses just so they can wash it because she never takes it off willingly”- Me
  • “the 2 would have a good relationship but get into the occasional fight over video games“- Remi
  • When Zelda loses in a game to Lara she will be super salty about it and get revenge by blaring her trombone loudly in Lara’s ear while she is asleep at like 3 in the morning

anonymous asked:

gaymergate is a pun on gamer gate which is like a probpematic sexist subdivision of the gaming community

Oh it has to do with games? Then that must make it not important, because games are for children.