It starts! My Top 3 Moments from Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 7 Episode 1!


Admiral’s Personal Log: Stardate 92772.2

    The past few weeks have been difficult, and quite challenging both physically, and emotionally for I, and the crew. Plenty of issues both personal, and duty wise, have been occupying my thoughts.

I sometimes cannot help but think that we are alone in this endeavor.

The strangest thing happened, however; On route to Zaria for a routine inspection of the subspace sensor arrays.

My chief engineer dropped us out of warp, because of a slight software bug, which caused a fluctuation of our warp field.

The Operations’ personel spent half an hour correcting the problem within the compilation matrix of the displacement sequence.

I spent that half hour in the lounge getting a drink while talking to some of the crew, and as I looked out of the starship’s windows, the breathtaking view of Defera’s Trellanite rings sprawled in front of me.

For some reason it has given me a profound epiphany.

Defera is a planet currently in turmoil. The borg invasion, the Breen incursions, and the constant threat of seperatist Cardassians’ sabotage attempts.

Despite the turbulent nature of this system’s everyday life, they always seem to take the time to look up unto those rings, and not be tired of being awed by it.

Perhaps that is just the philosophy of life; That there are always profound beauties even in the darkest of moments, and even in the most turbulent of times.

We just have to look hard enough, and learn how to appreciate the good things that we still, and might have.

My chief engineer reports that the problem has been rectified: Beautiful as this rings may be, I must now get back to work.

-End File