Mine Omegaverse Character Masterpost (heavily spoilered)

Baylor Perditus Archeron

Age: 10 (Currently)
Birthday: December 31
Sign: Capricorn
Secondary Gender: Omega
Parents: Caeli Perditus and David Odium
Siblings: None
Sex: male
Orientation: Gay
Description: ash blond hair, freckles, hazel-green eyes, 5′5″ (at full height) golden skin
Distinguishing Marks: belt-mark scars across back, deep self-harm scars down wrists
Disabilities: Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, dyslexia 
Hogwarts house: ravenclaw
Favorite Color: Light green

Nathaniel Verrum

Age: 13 (Currently)
Birthday: June 15
Sign: gemini
Secondary Gender: Alpha
Parents: Azriel and Mor 
Siblings: Blake, Adrien
Sex: male
Orientation: Gay
Mate: Bay
Description: long black hair, dark brown eyes, 6′2″, golden brown skin
Distinguishing Marks: tattoos, nose and lip piercings, scars on left hand and fingers 
Disabilities: PTSD
Hogwarts house: gryffindor
Favorite Color: purple  

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