So tired after 3 WODs (work outs) today. I didn’t make it to my desk chair, so the floor will do for now.

Today’s work outs:

5 min each station,
300kg tyre flips
Farmer walk with tyres
110kg banded dead lifts.
80kg sled pull.
Atlas stones

10 rounds:
5x 40kg thrusters
5x bar over burpees

10 min AMRAP
10 x Burpee box over jumps (30")
Double unders as your partner does box jumps


Cheeest day - 02/09/13

So I started noticing certain parts of my chest were developing much faster than others, mainly the middle. I’ve changed my work-outs, and the order of them, to hopefully focus on my upper and lower chest - let me know what you think? 

I’ve almost cut out bench-press entirely.

Incline Dumbell Press : 22kg x 10 / 24kg x 5 / 24kg x 3 / 22kg x 8

Dumbell Incline Fly (Muscle): 14kg x 10 / 16kg x 10 / 16kg x 8

Cable cross over fly: 10kg x 20 / 10kg x 20 / 5kg x 20

Decline bench-press: 40kg x 10 / 3 sets

Assisted dips (20kg tris were KILLING) x 5

Skullcrushers: 17.5kg x 10 / 3 sets



By having a big incline set first, and a new decline set, I hope to build up those areas. For the future, I find incline fly doesnt hit my mid chest but my shoulders more. Change? Or strengthen my shoulders?

WOD 6/01/14

Sorry I haven’t been posting my workouts as recently. 

Been super busy. However working out every day, here are some of my faves recently.

3 rounds of: 

2 lengths bear crawl

10 x strict pull ups

10 x strict ring dips

10 x GHD’s

8 min pistol practise and progression 


10 min AMRAP 

12 Down ups

18 kb swings 24/16kg

24 unbroken double unders (to rx, i.e if i do 17 and mess up I go back to 0)

Back in the game.

Been travelling along the South African coast with a few mates for days. Finally in the

beautiful cape town! 

Found a few CrossFit boxes here. I’m here for another month, so I can really hit these qualifier workouts.

Tomorrow I’m making 14.1 my bitch.

10 Min AMRAP, 30 Double Unders, 15 Power Snatches at 35kg.


WOD today was a toughie.


EMOM 11mins

hang clean push press x 6 60/40kg



Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 17 minutes of:
40 Burpees
Snatch 32.5kg/20kg x 30 reps
30 Burpees
Snatch 62.5kg/30kg x 30 reps
20 Burpees
Snatch 72.5kg/45kg x 30 reps
10 burpees
Snatch 92.5kg/52.5kg as many reps as possible

Managed to hit 30kg, 40kg, 50kg. Considering I hate snatch and my technique is awful, happy with this :)

Today's WOD/Workout

Feeling a bit sore after yesterdays WOD. Overhead Squats AND burpee pull ups.. owch.

So, today I finished work. Rushed home. Changed. Went to the BOX:

6 mins every min on the min

5 deadlifts 90kg

6 mins every min on the min

5 box jumps 40"


7 min AMRAP

7 x kb swings 32/24kg

7 x kb push ups

7 x box vaults

Managed 7 rounds, and 1 box vault. Happy with that :)

Chestday 07/10/13

Back to weights for a bit after two weeks of CrossFit. Found it pretty hard because all I want to do now is CrossFit.. I love my box and the people there. anyway, todays workout went pretty well. I felt REAL strong.


Incline Dumbell Press : 26kgx 8 / 26kg x 7 / 26kg x 5 / 26kg x 5

Cable cross over fly: 20kg x failure / 20kg x failure / 15g x 20

DECLINE Dumbell press SUPA SET into INCLINE press ups: 20kg x 8 / press ups to failure / 3 sets

Tricep pull down: 25kg x 10 / 3 sets

Skullcrushers: 20kg x 10 / 3 sets


First CrossFit WOD

Was better than any workout I ever did. So much more effective/fun than any workout. 

Mobilise: Baseball warm up game

Find 20 rep max FRONT Squat. Bum to floor. Me and a guy managed 50kg. after 15, these killed. 

WOD today: 10 mins

5x Hang power clean.

6x Chest to bar pull ups

20 Double unders

Managed 5 rounds. I was pouring with sweat and my entire body was throbbing. But it felt so amazing. I came home so buzzing. I can’t wait to properly get into it. 


Friday: shoulders + abs.

I normally HATE this day of training, but I’m seeing strength improvements and it’s becoming much more enjoyable.

Seated dumbell press: 16 x 10 / 22kg x 5 / 20kg x 3 / 16kg x 8

Frontal Barbell raise: 15kg x 10 / 17kg x 10 / 17kg x 10

Cable lateral raise: 5kg x 10 / 5 kg x 10 / 5kg x 5

Shrug: 70kg x 10 —->  into Barbell Trap Pull-up 35kg x 10 /3 SUPA SETS in total.

Cable reverse: 2.5kg x 10 / 3 sets.. these are horrid.

Serious 10 minute ab blast, naiiiiled it! 

I have trained 6 times this week already, with two more days to go until it ends. I’m on a real high at the moment and plan going both Saturday and Sunday.

WODing at CrossFit Blouberg.

Been at this amazing box in Cape Town. Did 14.1 there, and today another WOD. Although I’ve really hurt my back after 14.1 (My form went, I know, I suck) so I had to be careful today.

The guys seem real cool, coach is so wise! 

Here is what I hit today: 

Warm Up + Mobility


A) Back Squat - 5/5/5/5/5  (@70kg, weak for me)


B) Strict TTB - 3/3/3
C) Max Unbroken TTB (15)


D) “Broken Stocking”

7 Min AMRAP ladder

Wall Balls (20/14lb)

3/3 6/6 9/9 etc

Got up to 18 Wall balls and 15/18 burpees. Owch.

One of the hardest workouts I've ever done...

15mins to establish a 1rm Snatch


3 OHS @45kg

3 sprawlers


6 sprawlers


9 Sprawlers


12 Spawlers


15 Sprawlers

4 Alt split jerks @ 45kg

4 squat bar jumps

4 Alt split jerks

8 squat bar jumps

4 Alt split jerks

12 squat bar jumps

4 Alt split jerks

16 squat bar jumps

4 Alt split jerks

20 squat bar jumps

CrossFit intro session 26/09/13

SORRY this is so rushed. I start work in 15 mins.

Had an amazing session today with one of the coaches in the box.

Learnt all the different presses/squats.

Overhead squat was just innnnnsane. 

Amazing WOD following that. 5 box jumps, 10 wall balls, 5 burpees. 8 rounds in 10 minutes.

I promise to go into more detail later. Happy working out followers, enjoy your day. This week is mental for me with shifts/CrossFit learning.

Shoulder shredder

Feeling much better and good to be back in the gymmm.

This is the ultimate push now, I’m really going to push my self mentally and physically. I’m so excited.

Arnold Shoulder press: 20kg x 8 / 6 / 5 / 4

Barbell shrug: 60kg x burn / 70kg x burn / 8 SUPA SET into Upright Row: 35kg x 10

Cable lateral raise: 5kg x burn / 3 sets –SUPA SET into–> Dumbbell Row: 6kg x burn

reverse cable pull: 5kg x burn

Frontal raise: 20kg x 10

I tried to avoid counting reps and just listen to my body, it worked, but I just wish I could lift more on my shoulders. Think its time to work them out twice a week! b00m. Sleep well followers X

Back workout 18/09/13

Sorry this is so late, I have been ill! 

I wanted to try some new moves, because I don’t ever feel like my lats really get hit during back work outs..

If you have the same problem, try a T-Bar row.. I did it for the first time and it had an AMAZING burn :D

T-bar row: 55kg x 10 / 3 sets (really felt this in my lats)

Deadlift: 90kg x 8 / 100kg x 5 / 100kg x 5 / 100kg x 3

Pull-ups (6! I managed 6! without my hands shredding)

Lat pulldown: 60kg x 6 / 60kg x 7 / 60kg x 8

Dumbell row: 24kg x 10 / 26kg x 10 / 26 kg x 10

I can definitely feel my back getting stronger. It’s a particularly weak area for me, probably my weakest. 

I just want this bloody illness to go so I can get back on my game, I feel like SHIT not being able to do anything proper.

Mental chest day 18/09/13 INTERNATIONAL CHEST DAYYY

Yesterday was frickin’ mental. I am ill at the moment and shouldn’t really work out, but fuck that, I miss the gym… Now I’m paying the price.

Incline Dumbell Press : 20kg x 10 / 26kg x 5 / 26kg x 4 / 26kg x 3

Cable cross over fly: 20kg x 20 / 20kg x 20 / 15g x 20

Dumbell press SUPA SET into press ups: 20kg x 8 / press ups to failure / 3 sets

Overhead tricep rope: 20kg x 10 / 3 sets

Tricep pull down: 17kg x 10 / 3 sets

Skullcrushers: 17.5kg x 10 / 3 sets


The Dumbell supa set was pretty hard.. and after my triceps were really killing me. 

Came back to the gym in the evening to do a circuits class, missed it, so did Abs/Cardio instead. Really good workouts both times round. Proud.

Back and bicep bummer 20/08/13

Trying to mix up the order of my workouts, because I don’t want my body to become USED to my workout regime and not change. This is important guys, REMEMBER this.

Wide grip pull ups: 6 normal, 2 negative x / 3 sets

Barbell bentover row: 55kg x 10 / 60kg x 10 / 60kg x 8

Low row: (tried something new?) 55kg x 10 / 3 sets 

Lat pull down: 45kg x 10 / 3 sets

Preacher curl (OWCH. Slow and steady = burn) 10kg x 10 / 3 sets

Barbell curl: 25kg x 10 / 3 sets

Cable curl: 10kg x BURN

Forearm curl: 17.5kg x 20 / 2 sets.

Back / Biceps; 30/07/13

Today was okay. I have a lot of my mind which is distracting me from my training. Like, really badly - that annoys me. I just want to focus.

Barbell bentover row: 60kg x 10 / 60kg x 10 / 60kg x 10

Wide grip pull ups: 4 normal, 4 negative x 8 / 3 sets ( I can do more!)

Bentover dumbell row: 24kg x 10 / 3 sets.

Barbell curl: 30kg x 10 / 3 sets

Cable curl: 10kg x BURN

Forearm curl: 20kg x 20 / 2 sets.

Speaking to a few lads in the gym, they all noticed the problems I have with my grip. It’s TERRIBLE, I mean really poor. Especially during back workouts, my hands go before my back. They suggested a few things like straps and grip strengtheners. I’ll show you when I get them.

The return

Chest/Tri - Monday, 25/06/13.

I couldn’t believe it, for someone who has been out of the gym properly for over two weeks.. I was STRONGER than I was ever before?! Maybe it was the mental psyche and anger I panted up.. B00m.

5 min treadmill warm up, but like, serious warm up.

Smith Bench Press: 60kg x 10 / 70kg x 10 / 70 kg x8.

Dumbell Incline Bench Press: 20kg x 10 / 22kg x 6 / 22kg x 4

Dumbell Incline Fly: 12kg x 10 / 14kg x 10 / 14kg x 10.

Cable cross over. Cross-arm INTO touch: 7.5kg / x 20 / 3 sets, final set to BURN. Literally, shredded up my chest man.

Skullcrushers: 20kg x 10 / 3 sets.

Overhead dumbell extension: 18kg x 10 / 3 sets (serious burner)

Tricep Rope extension: 20kg x burnnn.

Hanging knee raise.. these hurt.