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hey uh i'm positive u get like 500 asks a day but i just wanted to tell u that ur engagement photo w ducky legit got me so obsessed w matching rings i made my soon-to-be fiance change his ring plans bc i'm a fucking GAYLORD

lmao honestly i think people forget that you can do whatever the fuck you want for your engagement, wedding, marriage. there’s a lot of pressure to do things according to “tradition” or societal guidelines that people forget you can make your own rules. so we went with what made us happiest as a couple. lmao cishets are so like “oh wowww that’s so differreennttt” lmao like push past that box wendy. we’re queer.

Gaylord II

Overall I like Dark Souls II so far as a game, although there’s a number of things that I liked about Dark Souls I that this game does wrong.

The main thing is the atmosphere. What I loved about the first game is that it presented a cruel and unforgiving world, but it was never condescending. It encouraged you at every turn to keep fighting forward.

The intro in this one meanwhile has characters outright laughing at how you’ll die over and over again. It’s way too on the nose and plays into “hey look our game is SO HARD PREPARE TO DIE”

As far as the gameplay goes, I can appriciate it for what it is thus far.


I’m just wondering if you all noticed that there’s limited appreciation posts for our big guy CHADWICK GAYLORD SMITH. I mean, his dedication to his craft is also unbelievable. Whenever he plays live, he smashes those drums as if his life depended on it. He’s also a really nice person and I think he’s also fun to be with. I’m just posting this here to spread the love for Chad! 💜

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Finally finished coloring him! And I came up with a name too, which is pronounced see-mon or she-mon, but he couldn’t care if it’s pronounced like Simon. Btw he is a demiboy and that hair is natural.

He is in fact, a descended of his father, Sleipnir, so he’s actually a mix between his dad and a celestial horse. His mom left though so he just lives with his dad, while going to Zoo-Phoenix Academy, who has trouble accepting his son’s flamboyant femininity. (the inside of his hair is space like because a.) Sleipnir was a steed used to travel through the cosmos, and b.) it looks cool)


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Thank you again shou! gaylord 尻 for bringing another AU to life :”D Kiyoko’s Moving Castle <33