Dear Taylor (Sean x MC)

So @angeldust3373 asked for a Sean x MC fic.  I’ve never written one before, but @blazerina gave me a prompt yesterday (hiding in the grocery store to avoid someone you don’t want to see) and everything just sort of… worked.  I called the Endless Summer MC Taylor here, because my MC, Evie, romances Jake.  This is supposed to take place a good 5-10 years after ES ends, and my theory is that the MC is going to have to stay on LaHuerta/sacrifice herself to avoid Mt. Atropo from erupting.  So, that’s the basis!  Enjoy!

Summary: Sean tells Taylor about running into a friend from the past.

Rating: G, nothing scandalous here.

Word Count: 523

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Endless Summer Characters as Fire Emblem Fates Characters

So, I’ve been playing Fire Emblem Warriors (and also Fire Emblem Fates) and I got the ideas for a crosscover between both games. Ever since some of character personality on both game are a bit similar. Also shout out to (or know fire emblem) @ringstogo @spacetravels @zigortega @laurentthings @juminhansome @sarcasticchoices and @i-am-a-fandom-hoe for this!

Note: It actually based on personality, classes and voice headcanon. And also bonus one FEA character.

  • Taylor/MC as Corrin. Due for their leadership, friendly and also care the most to their friends and family.
  • Diego as Laslow. Both of them are actually confident, friendly (and also a bit flirty), but both are actually shy and loyal to stay with someone they love on their side.
  • Quinn as Sakura. Both of them are actually gentle, caring and wanted to be strong like the another friends and family.
  • Sean as Xander. Both of them good at leadership, and somehow kindhearted person too. A bit stern sometimes, but both will protect the beloved one.
  • Jake as Takumi. Both of them having a trust issue and even hotheaded. But when you get to know them and gain their trust, they’ll be nice to you.
  • Aleister as Leo. Both of them actually quite smart and knowledgeable, but sometimes quite arrogant, too.
  • Grace as Elise. Both of them are somehow cheerful character, and yet, both of them actually wanted to show their best to everyone.
  • Zahra as Beruka. Both of them somehow cold and a loner. Do I also mention that Zahra and Beruka are both assassin?
  • Craig as Hinata. Both of them actually a bit carefree, and have a bit of broness ™ on their heart. Also, both of them actually loyal to people they love too.
  • Raj as Azama. Both of them actually carefree and sometimes savage either.Either way, they’re way too carefree and somehow give a good advice.
  • Lila as Peri. Both of them are cheerful and happy everyday. Until you know their true color and backstories….you better don’t make them mad.
  • Michelle as Selena. Both of them actually quite sassy and playing hard to get, but they are actually nice to befriend with, but don’t show it.
  • Iris as Azura. Both of them actually knew what happen on the past and always giving information to main character. And also having a caring side and wanted to help people.
  • Estela as Lucina (bonus one). Both of them lost their family, determined to change their fates and find a revenge for their family for justice.
  • Yvonne as Camilla. Both of them are actually flirty and yet so beautiful. But mostly a bit lovely-lovely.
  • Taarii as Kanna. Both are actually playful and yet friendly. And yet, their appearance are almost the same.
  • Rourke as Garon Ryoma. Both of them are determined to get something they want somehow. But for Rourke… it something else.
  • Varryn as Kaze. Both of them are loyal to someone they love. And almost having the same personality too. Calm and knowledgeable.

I hope you guys like it! (and also hoping someone make an fanart of this au)

The Light Within

Psi vs. Lena.

The Psychic plans her escape from prison and targets someone she knows is close to Supergirl’s heart, but Lena Luthor is more than meets the eye.

Rated: M (for violence)

tw torture

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Chapter Two

Breathe in.

The sound of prisoners snoring, tossing and turning on their beds slowly starts to fade.


Breathe out.

The humming sound of air rushing through the vents intensifies, slowly enveloping Psi’s mind and body.


Breathe in.

Her body starts swaying as the sound mutates, making Psi feel as if she’s floating in the ocean; the waves lazily pulling and pushing her.


Breathe out.

The waves pull her further into the ocean’s vastness.


Breathing in doesn’t come as easily anymore.

Psi feels herself being pulled down as the waves crash on top of her; nothing of that initial laziness left, and she struggles to breathe as her heart begins to race in her chest, and suddenly Psi is not in the open sea anymore; she’s inside a vat filled with water with doctors in their stark white coats looking at her curiously without any hint of wanting to help as she claws at her throat desperate to breathe.

Panting heavily, Psi’s eyes snap open and she finds herself exactly where she’s been all along: in her prison cell where she had sat on her bed to meditate.

Facing your worst fear isn’t pleasant, and most people avoid doing so their entire lives, but Psi knows that if she wants to tap into her powers, she must go to the source of it: her own fears.

She feels faint; the vision she had just had took a great toll on her, but Psi smiles, because it was a true vision, it was her powers turned on herself, not just a meditation-induced dream.

Running her open palms on the cheap sheets of her bed to ground herself to reality, Psi thinks about how she’s been feeling more powerful, surer of herself after her last “checkup” with the doctor. She attributes it to her hate for the woman, and the desperation to get the hell out of this place. Without giving it another thought, Psi closes her eyes again and focuses on her cellmate.

Channeling all her attention to the woman on the upper bunk, Psi tries to forget about the collar around her neck; she convinces herself that it’s nothing but jewelry, something fancy and expensive adorning her skin. With a surge of confidence, Psi gasps softly as she feels her power rolling off her in waves, and it doesn’t take another minute before her cellmate is whimpering in fear in her sleep; Psi is now spectating the nightmare from the safety of her own mind.

She never understood exactly how her powers work, she simply accepts them as they are: Psi induces vivid nightmares on her marks, and if she’s focusing on only one individual, she gets to see what their fears are.

One thing Psi did learn early on, however, is that humans are too complex to have only one fear. Sure, some people have a very specific thing they dread, and it ends up overriding everything else; but when it comes to the majority of the population they tend to have a handful of situations, things, or people they fear more or less equally and simultaneously. Those are the best targets; the ones with vivid imagination and competing fears, they make Psi’s skin tingle with excitement as she watches them get trapped in a never-ending loop of their worst nightmares.

The cellmate’s fear is boring to her; dying alone on a prison cell… Such lack of imagination, Psi thinks, scoffing out loud before letting go of the woman’s mind. It’s only then Psi realizes she actually used her powers despite the device locked around her neck.

Being on the verge of happy tears, Psi tries to contain her excitement, and she closes her eyes once more to try and influence the two prisoners on the cell next to hers.

First, she goes cell by cell, and when she’s done with it, Psi takes a deep breath and tries to control every inmate on that floor. 

And she succeeds.

Panting lightly, Psi is smiling when she opens her eyes again. “Tomorrow night…” she tells herself, “Tomorrow night I’ll escape this hellhole.”

An AU where Endless Summer is an incredibly popular TV series and the gang are the actors

  • Taylor (MC) telling about how hard auditions were since all those talented guys and gals auditioned simultaneously
  • Jake having short hair when they’re not shooting episodes and that devastating fans and interviewers
  • Sean and Jake ruining interviews with how much they laugh together
  • Estela being the softest bean IRL and lifting up her dresses on red carpets and running off of them to take pics and hug fans
  • During a group interview during a late night show they’re asked who’s the funny one in the group and everyone points at Aleister which leaves the audience and the host SHOOKETH
  • Grace and Aleister actually dating IRL
  • Zahra is actually kind and shy and likes fan edits on instagram and tumblr constantly
  • That’s cause you’re not VIP, dummy… unless it stands for… Vomiting… Idiot… Poohead” that line was improvised by Zahra, Taylor and Craig barely suppressed themselves from laughing because of the randomness
  • Quinn bringing coffee on set for everyone cuz she’s the mom™ of the group
  • Lila constantly taking and posting selfies from the set which results in fans finding spoilers in the background and forming theories
  • Zahra and Craig constantly flirting on twitter
  • Sean loves reading fanfiction
  • Michelle has a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs and challenges with the other cast members
  • Taylor confirming everyone’s headcanons during meet and greets even when some contradict the others
  • Michelle and Sean and Aleister snapping at a racist comment made by someone towards Grace during a panel
  • Raj rapping about the characters during a interview
  • Diego is not allowed on interviews often because he spoils the story and during an interview on a red carpet Quinn comes up from behind putting a hand over his mouth and pulling him away to prevent spoilers
  • Seraxa, Varyyn and Uqzhaal appearing without makeup and being all casual
  • Craig posing for the paparazzi
  • Interviewer: Who is your favorite character? Craig: Rourke. I think he’s a very multi layered character with a heart of gold, he’s the real hero. *Michelle, Zahra and Aleister each pull out a 20$ bill and give it to him* Michelle: dammit he actually said it.
  • Rourke entering a panel and the crowd low-key booing him. Aleister puts his head jokingly on his shoulder “Why do they hate you, dad?” Rourke, patting his head “I don’t know, son…” and the crowd goes wild with laughter.
  • Estela doing her own stunts
  • !!! The entire gang being wholesome with one another and being best friends !!!