gayle bradley


I do have this Air from Spyderco for sale. It weights next to nothing and the kydex sheaths do solve the “how to carry” problem.

It was carried but except for some slight patina over the Spyderhole there’s nothing to fuss about.

It comes with box and two neck kydex sheaths.

149€ plus shipping

Spyderco Gayle Bradley folder partially disassembled. Took it apart because I was concerned about some play that it developed but I couldn’t take it apart completely because everything under the scales were pressed with such tight tolerances that I couldn’t wiggle them apart. Did find the cause of the play though. I was messing with the screws and neglected to tighten it all the way which caused the liner to wiggle out by a tiny fraction of a millimeter while I was Spyder-dropping it about a hundred or so times. Fixed it by popping the liner back into place.