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Thank you layhantaoris for tagging me in this so if you are tagged you must list your top 3 favorite blogs and than boop the rest!!

I don’t have a top three so ill just boop all my favorites!!!:D

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Basically everyone I follow are my favorite blogs!!!!xD And if I forgot to add you still love you your awesome and have an amazing day!!☺️💜💚

Music Tag

Thanks to @bemyexo for tagging me in this and i agree this does sound like a fun tag so let’s begin!!:D

Rules: put your music on shuffle and answer the following questions. tag ten people.

Song that describes how you die: Baby (Chinese Version) by Exo umm idk how i would die then maybe by having the Exo members be near me singing that song???? 

Love song: All About that Bass Meghan Trainor
 This is such the opposite of a good love song lol

Played at your wedding: Breath Chinese Version with Chen and Zhang Yi Lin OMG THIS WOULD BE A GREAT WEDDING SONG!! Especially if it was performed live by them omg that would be a dream come true!!! Their voices whenever they sing anything would be a great wedding song honestly!!

Add “in my pants” to the title of this song: Punishment in my pants Roh Ji Hoon Omg im dying so hard this would be the sexiest song of the year!!!xD

Funeral song: Whine Up Kat De Luna ft. Elephant Man Lol i guess im gunna have a very fun and lively funeral then!!

Theme song: Up & Down SHINee this would definitely not be my theme song but this song is a nice song i guess

Someone you love: Arario Topp Dogg Don’t really like Topp Dogg all that much but this song is cool it’s always funny whenever they do a song that one member always does the “T-O DOUBLE PP D-O DOUBLE GG!!”

Add “with a shovel and a screw driver” to the end of this song: Ayyy girl with a shovel and a screw driver JYJ Lol also the sexiest naughtiest song of the year imagine JYJ dancing shirtless shoveling all that snow here and a screw driver in the other hand that would be a similar kind of dance to Dream Girl by SHINee!! Would be pretty frickin cool though!!:D

Song that plays when you miss someone: The Star (Korean Version) Exo

This was pretty inaccurate for me except for like the wedding song, in your pants thing, and the shovel and the screw driver were really accurate!! So I guess this tag went to show me that I need to delete a lot of songs that I don’t listen to!!

I tag: wintersnowflower layhantaoris wuyifandrewmeadragon annyeongpabo gayhope dwae-ji-to-kki i-got-my-eyes-onew fuckhaja manlylusabs