so this post goes out to all the blogs i love and have followed for awhile and the blogs who I will never unfollow. anna made this edit because she’s freaking amazing. I love all these blogs. And to you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! (yes i just said that)

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gayheys replied to your post: wow we couldn’t just have sNOW COULD WE THAT WOULD…

omg it snowed a lot in ottawa and we’re getting freezing rain tomorrow, kms

yeah sigh the warning’s for all of southern ontario

we’re supposed to get snow here in lindsay this afternoon????? but tbh i actually kind of doubt it

we already had some and it all melted ;(

randomspicuous replied to your post: wow we couldn’t just have sNOW COULD WE THAT WOULD…

I’d buy you a double double and send you my snow if I could. (What is this freezing rain? Is it like really tiny hail?)

it’s basically rain that falls as rain but all the surfaces are so cold that as soon as the rain hits them it turns into ice and it sheets the roads and tuns them into an accident waiting to happen

used to be my fave thing in school because it meant bus cancellations lol