Brownham Week!

Brownham Week is a fanwork event for Matthew Brown/Will Graham (brownham) shippers. It will run from July 20th to July 26th. All types of fanworks are welcome, such as fan graphics, fanart, fanfiction, and more.

The prompt list is here, but the short version is:

  • Day 1, July 20th: Imprisonment

  • Day 2, July 21st: Fluff

  • Day 3, July 22nd: Tattoos and Scars

  • Day 4, July 23rd: Kinks

  • Day 5, July 24th: Dynamics

  • Day 6, July 25th: AUs/Fusions/Crossovers

  • Day 7, July 26th: Free-for-all

Everyone is welcome to participate - there are no sign ups needed, and all you have to do is either submit your fanworks to us or tag your posts #brownhamweek.

We hope that you’ll join us in creating fanworks and celebrating these two hawks! <3




                         'Why Will Graham should date me instead of Hannibal’
                                                            a novella by
                                                         Matthew Brown

               Chapter 1 – Would you rather put your dick in a cannibal’s mouth?

Pack your things, leave somehow. Blackbird song is over now. Mouths are dry, river runs. Hands are tied preachers son. Don’t be scared, I’m still here. No more time for crying dear.

First day of Brownham week n depsite my hyper-busy schedule, the boiling heat n my falling apart back I managed to do smth for the first theme “Imprisonment” *huzzah*  I really wasn’t sure till earlier today when suddenly the muse kissed me with her mighty fist n I just HAD TO do this. I was actually about to call it a day but yeah, inspiration is a fickle beast lol  

What is better for the imprisonment theme than more asylum!Matthew? ~

N cause I like the outcome so much, I put a print of it in my Etsy  ;)

~Gayhawks Rec List #2~

Link to #1 <3

Fandom: Hannibal

Pairing: Matthew Brown/Will Graham 

Summary: Mukozuke-onwards based. Matthew brown escapes from jack crawford and alana bloom after his attempt to kill hannibal lecter, and makes his intentions toward will graham clear. Hannibal, however, has other ideas. 

Summary: History repeats itself. History changes. This isn’t the first time an orderly and a convict talk about birds late into the night.

Summary: Matthew saves Will after the events of Mukozuke.

Summary: Will has his first heat in years at the hospital, Matthew sneaks in to help him through it.

Summary: Will’s cousin Matthew comes to stay. He loves little Will very much and only wants to make him happy.

Summary: Matthew wants to play with his new best friend forever. Changing the ending of Mukozuke.

Summary: Suppose it’d gone a bit differently at the swimming pool.

Summary: AU. "Imagine if the hawks started working together.“

Summary: Revolving around the head canon involving Matthew’s need to make Will happy and Will’s love for dogs (and, of course, his love for injured strays. Three-legged strays would so be his kryptonite).

Summary: Will isn’t Hannibal’s prerogative anymore, but Will doesn’t mind sharing what he’s been up to since Hannibal has been gone.

Summary: Will has nightmares and Matthew comforts him.

Summary: Matthew Brown is sent to jail for attempting to kill Hannibal Lecter. His cell happens to be located across from Will Graham’s.


I’m a bit frustrated that I’ve not more time to explore this theme (as well as I’m frustrated about the sudden bad weather n not being at the SDCC -_-). But with my limited time, I wanted to do at least a little sketch to the AU thing for brownham week. 

Idek how I suddenly came to this, but suddenly this image of Batman!Will n RedHood!Matthew(or, well, maybe rather Red Hawk? lol) n it fitted soooo well! Maybe I’ll have some more time n inspiration to do more to this later. dunno yet…  (n jup, I shamelessly re-used my hawk design :P)

Although- If smn has the sudden urge to write smth to this AU, please please tell me! I wanna read this!!! (n probs sketch some more after all :’D)

~Gayhawks Rec List #1~

Link to #2~

Fandom: Hannibal

Pairing: Will Graham/Matthew Brown (Brownham/Gayhawks)

Summary: Will finds himself intrigued with a helpful orderly who would do anything to get closer to him. When you’re out of options, you can’t be picky about who lends a helping hand.

Summary: They were promises, whispered in secrecy and always kept.

Summary: Brown is hesitant to do Will a favour until he further convinces him.

Summary: Matthew watches Will sleep, then helps him cope with the nasty side effects of sodium amytal.

Summary: Cute little drabble like piece about Will not sleeping and Matthew helping him get some much needed rest. The idea came from a brilliant tumblr user by the name of will-grahams-straitjacket; so I hope I did it some justice!

Summary (Prompt): Matthew thinks he’s disabled all the cameras but didn’t, and Chilton shows Hannibal a recording of him riding Will.

Summary: Matthew works at a local animal shelter and obsesses over Will Graham, a regular customer. 

Summary: After Beverly’s death, Will can’t seem to sleep. Behind closed eyes, all he can see are her terrified eyes, smell the faint aroma of her perfume, feel the heat of her skin under his hand as he chokes the life out of her.

Matthew steps in, as good friends are wont to do, and helps Will relax.

Summary: He wanted Will to notice him, pay him attention and give him those smiles he granted only to few and chosen ones. Like Dr. Lecter.

Summary: “What are you thinking of?”

“Us…You and me together, all the things we could do together, killing together.” Matthew paused and looked Will over. “And how goddamn bad I want to peel that jumpsuit off you and take you against the wall.”

Summary: Will doesn’t need to ask Matthew what Hannibal is doing there. Everything is understood between them when Hannibal steps from the shadows at the precise moment the cuffs click-click-click shut around Will’s wrists. “Ah,” he said, and felt the corner of his mouth twitch up into a twisted little smile. “Hello, Dr. Lecter.“

Summary: Matthew Will do as Will asks, if Will shows him what he’s really capable of first.

Summary (Prompt): ”Will teaching Matthew how to clean and cook fish properly and Matthew keeps checking if Will is okay the whole time because he’s worried cooking might be over-associated with Hannibal".

Summary: Matthew finds that luck offers unexpected rewards if you play your cards right.

2014 was a pretty great year and I met a lot of cool people on tumblr, and it has honestly been a super great experience. I’ve nearly overcome the depression I’ve had since 2011, and as silly as it might sound, I think tumblr has played a significant part in helping me heal. I’ve grown so much and I have had endless support during all the hard times I’ve been through, and I wish I could thank you all individually, but this will have to do.

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And it’s done! I feel like i’m missing so many people, and I undoubtedly am. I am super sorry if you aren’t on here. I follow SO many blogs and have way too many awesome mutuals to count.

~good luck & happy 2015~