gayest ever!!!

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I dont know if im gay or bi, girls are so pretty... like the way some do awesome makeup and other rock their natural face and some wear high heels and some combat boots... everyone, girls are so pretty and soft, but theyre also though, and i love them all but do i love-love them or... :c

………okay well this is like, the gayest thing I’ve ever read, so my diagnosis is “probably”.

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ofc taylor would TELL the ss attendees to say it's about joe so that they can immediately shut down any gay rumors (eyeroll emoji) that just sounds like a cover up if everyones saying "she told us to tell anyone who says otherwise"

Exactly. Homegirl knows this song is the gayest thing she has ever released. 


Diana: […] she’s disinclined to stay at home since her companion died.

Anne: Her companion?

Diana: Her best friend forever and ever.

Diana: Aunt Josephine never married. Neither of them did. They lived with each other their whole lives.

Anne: I’d live with you forever if I could, but I know you’ll leave me the day you get married to some wealthy and handsome gentleman. 

Anne: I hate him already.

they Did That™

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Everybody loves Daichi

Momojirou!!! My fave girls!!! Imagine this is their first kiss or two and Jirou really startles Momo with it lol~! also… imagine they’re on a staircase or smth OTL

I was too late to post this on international lesbian day ;-; (10-9-17)