gayer than gay lol

Okay, I love the tough and cool little munchkin teen!juvie!Leonard and all but consider this:

14 year old Leonard Snart was beat up because he wasn’t just an easy target size-wise, but also he was frigging PICKING FLOWERS. Not only that, but giving them to people. Really just the nice looking people or sometimes guards(most people notice he only was comfortable around women), but he would give them flowers. He even sat them next to the Mick guy he heard about from a guard that said to stay away from him(amongst many other people), he of course waited until Mick looked away but he did it.

Mick and his buddies always had bets with cards on which kids ‘wouldn’t make it’ and as soon as Mick saw Len he went to put his card in the 'No’ pile, until he saw Len getting picked on. Then he seemed to feel a weird feeling in his stomach and actually WANTED to help Len, which he’s never really cared to help anyone before. But he quickly slams the card in the 'Yes’ pile before swooping in and helping him.

At first Len is wary of him and even a bit intimidated/scared, even to the point he only whispers “Thank you” and scurries off. Then the next day Len tries to avoid him until Mick gives him no choice but to come near him.

Pretty much the whole time Len is in Juvie, he’s practically attached to Mick’s hip or follows him around closely like a puppy dog. It irritates Mick a bit but he keeps his cool, which is unlike Mick.

Also would like to throw out Mick being Len’s first kiss.
How it’d happen is they’d end up becoming cell mates after the facility finds out Len’s cell mate was trying to do weird stuff with Len and Mick got transferred to Len’s(which made all the guards a bit nervous until they saw how oddly nice Mick was to him). And like it’s night time and Len is drawing and sitting on the bottom bunk(Headcanon: He’s a good artist and loves drawing Mick’s burnt/blistered hands for some reason), while Mick is laying on the same bed and their legs are touching. Mick and him begin small chat, Len doing most of the talking while Mick just listened.
Then Len laughs and basically says he probably won’t ever date anyone because he is “a crappy person”.
Mick basically just is silent before just sitting up and planting one right on his lips, freaking Len the heck out. Len punched his shoulder and yelled at him, face completely red and confusingly asking him “what tHE FUCK–??”
And Mick’s reply is basically just “What’s the big deal?” In which Len whisper-yells “That was my first kiss you ass!” And Mick just is SO PLEASED WITH HIMSELF. And Len just goes on this tyrant like “Why? Why me? Of course my first kiss would be in facking Juvie and not romantic why the heck did you even-?”
And Mick’s reason is just 10/10, it’s “Because I thought it’d be funny”.

This is really long but I’m not done-
After Juvie(which BTW Len was actually sad he was leaving because that place isn’t as bad as his house), Len had given Mick his home phone number and “OMG he’s actually calling?” And the first time they hang out Mick is wearing a leather jacket and a lot of black and is smoking and “Holy Jesus he’s hot gdi”- So Len is this scrawny kid in a baggy flannel and he is super pure and what does Mick do?
Take the kid to a frigging party at a friend’s house, where they have drugs and alcohol. Safe to say Len panicked and was nervous the whole time until him and Mick finally left and Mick basically apologized in his own way because he didn’t think it through and Len just giggles and shrugs it off because as long as he’s witH MICK he doesn’t care–

Len being pure and cuddling Mick on Mick’s couch as they hang out with Mick’s buddies, and Len feels a tad uncomfortable so he just sits in Mick’s lap the whole time(Mick secretly loves it). He even tries smoking a secret because “Mick, you’ll die faster so if you smoke I smOKE–” and also “I don’t like that you smoke because it hurts you but I’d rather do it with you than you doing it alone” But it doesn’t go well at all. So when Len leaves Mick throws away his cigarettes–


I have way more but this is already so much.