So, finally, I got around to creating my follow forever. This is a compiled list of people I love and cherish, and blogs that I simply adore. I hope you all have a happy holidays. 

(alphabetical order) amelia–ponds - amyjpond - amyponder - aragog - bagginsofbagendbellamortentia - bellatirx - blooddrippingstrawberries - catoniss - claryadeles - daeynerys - deckthegreathall (deathdayparty) - fadedponds - firelordzuko - gayelves (mchoechlins) - gillany - gnny - hadestowns - harveyssqueeze - hooksqueen - katieffitch - lestranges - lumoslouis - marytudors - matt-kaz - minsoo - mostloyalservant - mrsgarfields - msbennets - msodairs - niicodiangelo - ofpotterandwho - ohdear-prongs - ohhellodeath - panems - peetaspatronus - percyjacksoners - pondstiell - queeneverdeen - r-lupins - restarks - samwnchster - santadoctor - senorpond - stevenmoffart - swagdemort - tardisied - tessagray - thatbluebox - the-eleventh-blog - thelostie - thepurebloodprincess - vaniccio - viria - williamsamelia +blogroll

If you aren’t on this list, it’s not personal, but simply I haven’t been following you that long or we have never spoken. 

As Scott has clearly stated, I love each and every one of you just as much as Scott loves Isaac (which is a lot ok). So here it is, my “Hey, I have friends?”/LaCall Approved™/Holiday follow forever: 

Carrie (aka my soulmate, best friend, and anything to my everything) / Go Diego Go / Dani #1 (aka the coolest person I know) / Ali (aka my precious princess) / Bela The Beauty / B(arbie) / Laura (aka light of my life) / Dani #2 / Tams (aka my other half) / Conna (aka Connor) / Mona (aka Marion aka I just met you but you are lovely)

And of course, anyone that I follow, I love. So, refer to my blogroll to look at some other wonderful blogs that I drool over daily. 

(P.S.- If I forgot you, I am very sorry.)


anonymous asked:

I know you have a blogroll, but what are the best Teen Wolf blogs to follow? They don't have to be exclusively Teen Wolf, but your blogroll is kinda massive and intimidating. Haha.

Massive? :O but I only follow like around 160 blogs xD but it’s a very versatile blogroll tho xD

Well, let’s see…


I probably forgot someone and I feel bad about it already. I tried to remember the ones I know that are at least 80% about teen wolf

 don’t ask me to do these things :(

nyssaalghul asked:

16, 20

20: How did you spend Christmas?

I spent it with mom, in our apartment. It was really strange because it’s the first Christmas I’ve celebrated without my grandmom. And we didn’t exchange any gifts because we’re saving for our vacation in March, so it was all very new and kind of adult-ish? I prefer the old version but it was okay. It’s worth having money for New York, for sure.