I really liked this. The song “gayda” particularly moved me on first listen. I wish I knew more about Greek folk dancing so I could imagine all the dances people are doing to these songs. I’ve run across quite a bit of cheap and free Greek music recently so this makes me really excited to hear more.
On a side note, I always get excited when I run across albums that aren’t on discogs, and this one isn’t, so, yay! I get to contribute to the online music community! The only information I could find about it was a less nice version than mine for sale for $99 on eBay.

people need to realize and respect that girls who get slammed for their wrestling ability not being up to snuff KNOW that themselves and know that they were called up too fast 

the thing is - they have literally no say in the matter and it’s very hard to learn when the matches they’re dealt with are 5 minutes long at most

River Skater (Aquarius najas)

…a species of water strider (Gerridae) which is common throughout much of Europe. True to their common name, river skaters can typically be seen near in in the stony margins of rivers. Like other water strider species, river skaters spend their lives skating around the surface of the water, being held up by surface tension. They are fairly opportunistic feeders and will feed on anything that happens to fall into the water.


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Hemiptera-Heteroptera-Gerromorpha-Gerridae-Gerrinae-Aquarius-A. najas

Image: Markus Gayda