So it seems I am now relying on 2017 to:

a) confirm Johnlock

b) make Poe Dameron gay

c) bag me some good GCSE results

d) make Cars 3 as good as the trailer hints it could be and wipe the smiles off the faces of everyone who moaned when it was announced (no offense I just would find that so hilarious and I am desperate for the Cars franchise to finally get some love!!)

e) sort out the mess made by 2016.

No pressure.


Bc nobody ever thinks that we exist. ever.

  • You’re still in the closet so I’m your date to all your events
  • Please stop calling me a plant it’s fucking annoying
  • This is the moment I choose to come out as ace to you and all you can ask for is a grilled cheese sandwich
  • I am a small innocent aro please stop trying to ask me on a date
  • Our friendship level has exceeded the mortal plane and every time you come out to someone you call me to tell me the reaction and I live for it
  • We act like a couple but we are two innocent aro/ace people who live in a dangerous hetero society
  • (gayce being gay + ace)

And finally

  • If you’re aro/ace, and I’m aro/ace, thEN WHO’S FLYING THE PLANE?????

Settling into the reality of being recognized by the UUA as no longer a youth. This identity has empowered me, challenged me, and taught me so much about Unitarian Universalism. I am forever changed by my forays into youth leadership and forever grateful for all the opportunities given. Now, there is so much more to come.