I heard a gasp from the bathroom. Thinking something was wrong, I yelled down the hall. Only to be left waiting by an uncomfortable pause, followed by my wife beaming with a positive ovulation test in her hand. And just like that her ovulation is right on time! Yay for the smiley face! We definitely had a “30 second dance party”I made her take three just to be sure! Who knew that all we needed was a relaxing European getaway to kick start her Fallopian tubes. Now all we have to do is wait until next month to see Derek and get some baby dust!


Our Year Two video. I can’t get the thumbnail to post right, but oh well… I’ll figure it out. Enjoy!

Ah love, What a useless waste of time. 


So, I just finished an LGBT children’s book for our daughter Quinn.
It’s about a girl who is nervous for show and tell on family day, because her family is different.
She soon realizes all the kids are nervous to share, so she gets brave and volunteers to go first.
She tells the other kids that her family is different because instead of a mom and dad, she has two moms. She tells abut her moms and when she’s done, none of the kids are nervous anymore.
One by one they tell how their families are different too: live with grandparents, lots of siblings… Etc…
When they all finish, the teacher says that even though their families are all different, they all have one thing in common.
The little girl runs home to tell her moms what their family has that all the other families have too: it’s love.

I believe our daughter will always be proud of where she comes from. Her mom is adventurous and confident and I (her mommy) am not so bad myself.