Hi my name is Nathan and I'm a gay belieber :P

So I just found a blog called Gay Belieber and I love it! haha

I just feel like I need to have a confessional or something. Or like I’m at an AA meeting accepting who I am lmao. So stupid but its funny so I’m doing it. 

Hi my name is Nathan and I’m a gay belieber :P

Now I KNOW Justin isn’t gay but if I get to meet him I really want to ask what he thinks of his gay fans. Cuz he never acknowledges us. It’s always the girlsss. Well I’d just like to hear about his guy fans every once and awhile. 


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  1. Fave song on midnight memories so far - Little Black Dress
  2. happiest moment in your life and why is it happy - When i met 1D idk
  3. would you rather be a prostitute or horny grandma - a prostitute
  4. where do you see yourself 20 yrs from now - in a office
  5. fave song lyric ever? - i dont have one
  6.  what song makes you cry everytime - Gotta be You
  7. when did you join tumblr - almost 4 years ago
  8. do you think haylor rumors are true? - no
  9. whats your otp and why? - troyler (tyler oakley - troye sivan) theyre soo cute together
  10. when was the last time you were fully 100% happy - yesterday
  11. whats your fave url on tumblr? - panicoenladisco

My questions:

  1. fave movie ever
  2. would you fuck with zayn or justin bieber
  3. how you met 1d
  4. best quote ever
  5. the book of you never get tired of read
  6. vans or converse
  7. best vlogger you see
  8. what miley do you prefeer?
  9. whats your otp and why?
  10. do you think zayns marriage is true
  11. song you ever ever going to hate and why