How to help Kiri with her Make the Sims go faster project

I’m doing some research about the Sims 2 game, to see if we can’t

(a) make it load with a decent time for most people.

(b) get rid of the pink flashing definitively.

© Work out all the steps needed to do (a) + (b).

I’ve been talking to @gayars, who pointed me out something that I haven’t thought of for a while which may make a difference.

What I would like to do is collect information and do some stats.

1. Config-log.txt

It can be found in
My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Logs\

and it looks like

(your pc name)-config-log.txt

2 Dxdiag.txt

Windows button + R (Windows  button is between Ctrl and Alt on the Left hand side of my keyboard)
This will bring up the Run window.
type in dxdiag
It will bring up the dxdiag window - it will take a bit of time to run it.

There are 5 buttons at the bottom of the window press the one that says ‘Save all Information’.
When you name it - can you name it with your pcname the same as your config-log.txt so I can sort them together.

3. Other Sims stats:
Download and Catalog/bin folder stats - Gigs, Folders, and files.
Whether the files have been compressed
Whether the filenames have had all the special characters removed from their filenames.
Whether the Greater than 2 Gig Fix has been used
Whether the Remove Securom/use no CD hack has been used.
Whether you are on UC or DVD
What O/S you have.

Your O/S to Game load time.

You Game to Hood to Lot load time.

please post it to celebkiriedhel at yahoo dot com. And how many gigs they have, how many folders and how many files.
Also if you use the 'Greater than 2Gig fix’ and 'securerom removed’ .

important questions:

  • are you a metal crusher gay or a death by glamour gay
  • are you a dummy! gay or a spider dance gay
  • are you a megalovania gay or a song that might play when you fight sans gay
  • are you a bonetrousle gay or a spear of justice gay
  • are you a heartache gay or a bergentrückung+asgore gay

tag responses

Maine and South

Okay I a lot of people headcanon South as probably hella not straight right? Well I headcanon that, between the Dakotas, she’s got the best gayar and kinda prides herself on it like a lot. It makes North roll his eyes, but even so he still asks her to gauge guys he’s thinking about asking out  because she’s not wrong, like, evar. 

I headcanon that Agent Maine hella threw off her gaydar when he joined up though and it bugged her so fucking much, she would not let it go. North told her ’stop following Maine around, he’s going to stuff you in a locker’ but it’s South, so she didn’t listen. And this went on for months until she just straight up asked him what the fuck team he’s playing for and Maine just…


Oh god, you’re not even fuckin’ playing are you?”

Maine just squints at her and stuffs her in a locker.