A Little Explanation

Hey everyone :) 

I know I post in random waves - sometimes I get lots of motivation to post something to this blog and I’ll set up a queue that’s good for a couple days, and then there are days where I literally sit at the screen wondering what to even do.

I’ve received a lot of asks about very personal and deep questions and I want to be 100% honest with you. I haven’t felt confident enough to answer a lot of them. 

Ever since the SCOTUS decision, I’ve seen our country turn into this homophobic mess, and it scares me a lot. I’ve been doing intense Bible study sit-downs with myself in an attempt to figure out what the Bible truly means when it comes to homosexuality. Should I be celibate? Should I have a boyfriend? Am I going to hell for supporting marriage equality? 

It’s been a dark couple of weeks and I hope you all understand. I’m not leaving you guys, I’m just taking some time to gather my thoughts and then I will be able to answer these asks as soon as I gain the power and knowledge in order to do so. 

On a happier note, we’re almost at 2k followers! Thank you all for coming along my journey, I’ll figure out something fun when we hit 2k :)

<3 <3 <3

Hello everyone :)

Well I’ve been getting a lot of new people the last few days, so I might as well make a text post explaining this blog to some of my new followers :)

Hello, my name is Spencer, I’m 15, a now junior in a high school in Colorado. I came out July of last year and finally accepted who I was September of last year as well. I’ve been going through a lot in my life - in case you can’t tell by my username, I’m also Catholic, which they tend to be known for lots of bigotry and hate towards the LGBTQ community. 

I intend that this blog is simply where I can show my LGBTQ pride. Everything in this blog is quotes, news, or pride, and I like that so far :) 

If any of you guys have questions, want to know more about me, or just want to hang out, go to my blog here.

No selfies yet guys - but maybe soon :)

lessthanthree you all