I love how Babs is super  straight on Batgirl Rebirth. Like aggressively straight. It’s wonderful. 

But then

Ivy shows up

And then things

start getting kinda

really gay

All I’m saying is Ivy brings the best outta everyone

And by “best” I mean “gay”.

Important things from the new Maid-Dragon episode

It was a kanna episode, so you know there was plenty of cute and the tiniest gay being tiny and gay

as I said, plenty of cute

I want Kanna to love me like she loves Kobayashi. as in, A PARENT-CHILD WAY, KEEP YOUR FILTHY LOLICON HANDS OFF THE BABBY DRAGON

The tiny gay was so gay they lost.

Lucoa’s breasts are canonically world class.

Top quality strategy, they will never defeat Lucoa’s breasts

She won using the power of gay

all in all a pretty cute episode. 8/10

How would Red Velvet come out to their bandmates


  • She is the kind of person who likes to keep her personal stuff to herself
  • but if she wants to introduce her girlfriend to her friends, she needs to know that they are ok with it
  • she would slowly give “clues” to the girls
  • like telling about homophobic crimes and stuff
  • “Wendy, have you seen that a guy got killed in Brazil just because he was gay? I can’t believe that people are so mean.”
  • Irene is reeeeally afraid of prejudice and rejection
  • and that’s why she would take sooo long to tell the girls
  • but when she does…
  • she wouldn’t get the point so soon
  • because she is so nervous
  • but when she sees that the girls are ok with this, she will feel relieved 

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  • Wendy was sooooooo obvious
  • it was written on her face that she was gay
  • all the girls were like “ok, she doesn’t tell us because we already know it”/”if she isn’t gay, the sky is orange”
  • but then one day she decided to tell them
  • and they were like “Wendy, we already know”
  • Wendy would feel so embarrassed because 1. she thought about what she should say for months and 2. HOW COULD THEY KNOW SHE WAS SO DISCREET
  • and she would be happy that they knew and did nothing but keep being themselves to her
  • respecting her
  • and loving her for who she is

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  • “Discreet” would be her last name
  • and it’s a real discreet, not Wendy’s way of being discreet
  • the girls would be a bit surprised when she said
  • everyone thought she only loved and felt attracted to pringles
  • but she opened up herself, telling about her sexuality, it was something more simple than to love pringles
  • Seulgi was very calm when she started to tell about it, even joking sometimes to break the tension
  • it would be a long but nice talk
  • everyone started to talk about their own secrets, it was something natural, it was their biggest moment together without cameras
  • they would end up the conversation at 3AM
  • the girls would feel closer to her
  • and their friendship grew stronger

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  • It would be like a lecutre
  • a BIG lecture
  • Joy would talk about when she “knew” she was gay
  • that everything is okay with being gay
  • that being gay isn’t a disease
  • that she wouldn’t try to flirt with them or something like that
  • She would talk about her girlfriends, affairs…
  • “And… That’s all. I am gay”, she ends her speech
  • Joy would “come out of the closet" like a real queen of gays
  • She will let it all clear to the girls, hoping they won’t be homophobes and respect her

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  • Her voice would tremble
  • her hands would shake 
  • and Yeri wouldn’t know how to calm herself down
  • her head would be a mess
  • bad thoughts
  • like “they will hate you”
  • “they won’t talk to you anymore”
  • “they will feel disgusted”
  • BUT
  • when she finally finishes what she was saying, it’s a relief to her
  • all the homophobiness in the world is something that makes it hard for her to talk about her sexuality to anybody
  • Yeri feels safe when the girls show her respect and affection, not even caring about her sexuality

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why you should watch flip flappers

  • cocona and papika are rly gay
  • super pretty art n’ animation
  • papika is the sweetest & cutest bean
  • literally no one is watching this show please just do it  

why you should watch amanchu!

  • teko and pikari are rly gay
  • almost zero fanservice
  • pikari is very genki & ultra precious
  • teko is Relatable and trying her best
  • actual platonic & positive male/female friendship

why you should watch hibike! euphonium

  • reina and kumiko are rly gay
  • all the girls are gay tbh
  • ~band drama~
  • beautiful 100% quality kyoani animation
  • S2 fireworks scene will blow your tiny minds

why you should watch izetta the last witch

  • fine and izetta are rly gay
  • princess and witch
  • hand-holding? check. tearful embrace upon reunion? check. casual affection? check. almost crash into a mountain while you’re flying bc you’re distracted by the girl cradled in your arms? check.
  • basically propose to each other at least once an episode

anonymous asked:

What's the appeal of Xavier Dolan, I don't get it

excuse you

  • he’s of my generation and he’s already an esteemed film director 
  • his first film ever played at cannes and got an 8 minute standing ovation
  • his most recent film also played at cannes and got 16 minute standing ovation
  • he’s hilarious and adorable
  • he’s a big nerd who loves harry potter
  • he’s gay
  • all of his films contain at least one strong female lead, most have multiple 
  • he wrote a letter to leonardo dicaprio when he was 8 after watching titanic and falling in love with him
  • and also this
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you know who’s not straight

you know who else is not straight

you know who else is not straight

you know who else is not straight

you know who else is not straight

you know who else is not straight

you know who else is not straight

you know who else is not straight

and you know who isnt gay
all of them