PSA: the-wiccans-glossary IS a transphobe, and non-binary people are NOT mentally ill*

* I mean, you might be, but the two are not mutually exclusive.

Your gender identity is not a mental illness.

This blog is open and kind to any and all, regardless of gender identity, sexual identity, or lack thereof. This blog is open and kind to those who are sure, and those who are not.

I am open and kind to those who are open and kind, to those who are gentle and those who are hard, to those who are religious and those who don’t believe, to those who know or do not know what they are doing.

Your gender identity is not a mental illness.

You do not have to stick around on a blog that perpetuates this horrible, horrible idea. There are hundreds of us out there with as much varied and in depth information as you can garner at TWG’s blog; you do not have to put up with bile and hatred, you do not have to put up with transphobia, to try and learn about witchcraft, paganism, wicca, or whatever else.

Your gender identity is not a mental illness.

Please, fellow witches, wiccans, pagans, jewitches, Christian witches, whoever the heck you are; if you support trans people on all sides and parts of the spectrum; reblog this, add other witches blogs and resources. Heck, even if you’re not a witch, if you support non-binary people, please let’s show the LGBTQ+ (witch) community just how much we care, and how minuscule and incredibly wrong people like the-wiccans-glossary are!

Your gender identity is not a mental illness!


Last Night I was Handfasted in marriage to my best friend. It was simple, quirky, and beautiful all at the same time. We made our own cords, and I prepared the ceremony. Our officiant is a close friend of ours, and wrote our ceremony in this beautiful book with some personal touches. We were married in front of a fire, with our four sisters surrounded by candles and loved ones. Our photographer is also a Pagan artist friend of ours. I think it was everyone’s first gay pagan handfasting ceremony but everyone loved it! @careyward26

Transvestism, homosexuality, and bi-sexuality have an honored heritage in the history of mediumship and prophecy. In his book, Intermediate Types among Primitive 1914, Edward Carpenter has shown that there is a definite link between the homosexual temperament and unusual psychic or divinatory powers. The men were non-warlike and the women non-domesticated so that their energies sought different outlets from the general run of men and women. They be-came the initiators of new activities.
—  “Weird Ways of Witchcraft” by Leo Louis Martello.

Hey all,
I’ve got an actual cocktail recipe for you today centered around the summer solstice/Litha on June 21st!

This is an original recipe.
Sun Seeker Cocktail
2 oz bourbon
1 tbslp honey
3 oz ginger beer (refrigerated)
Cinnamon stick
Grater or microplane
Sprig of rosemary

In a mixing glass pour bourbon and add honey. Stir until honey is dissolved and fully incorporated. Add ice and shake to chill. In a copper mug or lowball glass, pour ginger beer and strain bourbon honey mix into glass. Grate cinnamon over the top. Press rosemary to release oils, and rub around rim of glass (counter clockwise to reverse negativity) and place sprig in glass for garnish. Sip and feel the refreshing warmth deep through you and enjoy!

Whiskey for fire, rosemary for the sun, cinnamon for the warmth of summer, ginger for its healing and deep roots.

Tomorrow I’ll post the recipe to use the rose vodka ;)

“Safe travels”
-Requested by @bookofshadowsguideme

Hope this helps your friend for her trip to America❤️✨❤️ actually I need this too, have like 18+ hours of driving coming up over the next 4 days 😂

✨I TAKE SIGIL REQUESTS ✨ send them in to @thatgayguywitch so I have something to do while I’m bored at work 😂✨ 😂