witch’s familiar, a super-rushed 8-page comic about a human named November, a crow familiar named Hemlock, and a witch named Moira, in which Nov gets her phone stolen and they both… get their hearts stolen? By? Each other? It’s gay. That’s all that matters. 

November belongs to @seasideleaside!!!!!

Some concepts:

Boys who teach their non-witch boyfriends about witchcraft

Boys who aren’t witches but still get excited everytime their witch bf talks about witchcraft

Boys who become witches together and practise everything with each other

Boys buying each other witchcraft supplies and drawing sigils on them

Boys making personal sigils for each other

Witch boys supporting each other’s craft and practising together to grow as individuals


Last Night I was Handfasted in marriage to my best friend. It was simple, quirky, and beautiful all at the same time. We made our own cords, and I prepared the ceremony. Our officiant is a close friend of ours, and wrote our ceremony in this beautiful book with some personal touches. We were married in front of a fire, with our four sisters surrounded by candles and loved ones. Our photographer is also a Pagan artist friend of ours. I think it was everyone’s first gay pagan handfasting ceremony but everyone loved it! @careyward26

PSA: the-wiccans-glossary IS a transphobe, and non-binary people are NOT mentally ill*

* I mean, you might be, but the two are not mutually exclusive.

Your gender identity is not a mental illness.

This blog is open and kind to any and all, regardless of gender identity, sexual identity, or lack thereof. This blog is open and kind to those who are sure, and those who are not.

I am open and kind to those who are open and kind, to those who are gentle and those who are hard, to those who are religious and those who don’t believe, to those who know or do not know what they are doing.

Your gender identity is not a mental illness.

You do not have to stick around on a blog that perpetuates this horrible, horrible idea. There are hundreds of us out there with as much varied and in depth information as you can garner at TWG’s blog; you do not have to put up with bile and hatred, you do not have to put up with transphobia, to try and learn about witchcraft, paganism, wicca, or whatever else.

Your gender identity is not a mental illness.

Please, fellow witches, wiccans, pagans, jewitches, Christian witches, whoever the heck you are; if you support trans people on all sides and parts of the spectrum; reblog this, add other witches blogs and resources. Heck, even if you’re not a witch, if you support non-binary people, please let’s show the LGBTQ+ (witch) community just how much we care, and how minuscule and incredibly wrong people like the-wiccans-glossary are!

Your gender identity is not a mental illness!

Earl Grey Shortbread - cookies for prosperity and peace

Here’s a pretty simple recipe for cookies that I make a few times a month for my salon.

1 cup butter (room temp)*
2 loose leaf earl grey tea bags
1 cup confectioners sugar
Cream ingredients together until “fluffy”
*(if using unsalted butter, add ½ tsp salt. Salted butter: no salt)
Add in 2 cups flour little by little until dough forms and fully mixed.

It may be a bit crumbly, but take the dough and press it together, but try not to overwork it.

Split into 2-3 balls and roll into tube shape in a piece of wax or parchment paper and refrigerate for about an hour until firm.

Take out a roll and slice into ½" rounds and put on prepared baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees (Fahrenheit) for about 10 minutes.

When you see a thin golden brown ring around the cookies where they sit on the sheet they’re ready.

To frost, I use confectioners sugar (start out with about ½ cup and add more as needed) and add a little Creme de Violette (Violet liqueur made by Rothman & Winter) and mix until smooth. Should be toothpaste consistency and spread on the cookies.

To clarify, the black tea helps with prosperity, and the bergamot herb has use for drawing out peaceful dispositions. Violets draw out love and happiness. Sugar for sweetening positions and thought processes, and wheat for multiplying and fortifying the other components.

So these cookies are simple to make, delicate in flavor, and make you feel fancy af.

anonymous asked:

LWA pokemon au, akko as protag, diana as rival, croix as prof juniper, ursula as fennel (and secretly the champ as chariot) sucy as poison gym leader, lotte as grass gym, amanda flying gym, constanze elec gym, jasna normal gym, andrew steel gym, barbara psychic gym, hannah dragon gym. Instead of nurse joy we got chum lee at pc. Woodward as grass e4, beatrix fairy e4, holbrooke ground e4, surprise surprise croix as dark e4 (different hairstyle). What do u think?

So first off;; holy shit sorry i answered this so late!! School started a while back and things have kind of been hmmmmm but:

(The Pokemon League does not advocate for Unprofessional Behavior during Work Hours;; AKA Croix thought they’d have MORE TIME before Akko beat the first 3 E4 members-)

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Hi! 💕✨🌙

I’m Ryan! I’m a baby witch! I’d love for you guys to teach me many things! If you know how to do/practice any of the following please reblog:

  • Tarot Cards and other forms of divination
  • Crystals and their healing abilities
  • Love Spells
  • Plants and their many magical uses
  • Astrology
  • Working with the dead and many spirits
  • Working with the Fae
  • Past lives

Thank you all! Have a nice day!


Many of us witches understand the beauty of taking a shower and cleansing our bodies and finding a time that is sacred and a time to relax. But there is more we can do than just the obvious cleansing.

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🚿 Use shampoos and conditioners and soaps that have ingredients and scents with magickal properties in them to directly infuse your bodies witch its intended purpose

💧Better yet, create your own shampoos and soap as a way to know what is going in and to better put your intent in (there are many good and healthy recipes on Pinterest and YouTube)

🚿 Take this time to ground yourself. This works perfectly for morning showers if you know you are going to be doing magick later

💧Do glamour spells in the shower. Bless anything you are going to use before hand and do your spell work while you are there (just be careful not to slip, as always)

🚿 Devotion. Devote your shower to the god you are working with, especially if your god controls water or beauty (*cough cough* Aphrodite/Venus)

💧Or devote a song that you are singing in the shower to your god(s) of choice; they love to hear you sing, no matter if you think you are bad or not

🚿 You could try to do divination. Scry by seeing what you see in the suds and soap that wash down the drain or even scry in the steam in the mirror as it disappears after you are done showering. Be creative!

Be sure to share this if you like it and add your own tips and tricks if you have any! I’d love to hear what all you witches think!

Added this Icelandic witch riding staveðarstafur-witch-riding-stave-to-go from @justins-galdrastafir that @professorgoat sent me.
“She sends her spirit on me in church” - The Crucible

“Safe travels”
-Requested by @bookofshadowsguideme

Hope this helps your friend for her trip to America❤️✨❤️ actually I need this too, have like 18+ hours of driving coming up over the next 4 days 😂

✨I TAKE SIGIL REQUESTS ✨ send them in to @thatgayguywitch so I have something to do while I’m bored at work 😂✨ 😂