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Pls don't laugh but today I overslept because I was dreaming of Kirk and Spock being gay and I was curious what was going to happen. My brain sure does know how to trick me into more sleep, lol.

YO ANON HATE TO TELL YOU THIS BUT THEYRE ACTUALLY GAY IT WAS NO DREAM. If you want to know what happens because they’re gay, watch the Star Trek original series (especially the episode ‘Amok Time’) and original movies.

  • Star Trek: Jim Kirk broke the rules and risked losing the enterprise and his position as captain to save Spock's life from an erupting volcano and after months of being emotionally fine, Spock becomes emotionally compromised when Jim dies and he almost kills khan.
  • Star Trek: but like
  • Star Trek: not in a gay way

Perhaps the Human’s heart did burst then. The answer was not at the level of words. There were words running along below the level of mind-speech, ancient words, intoning […] Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me … There was a bracing of the wide shoulders and a ripple of quicksilver through their bond. “Gates of Hell, Spock. We’ve broken out of worse places.”

This is some fanart for a scene from the ultra-gay TOS Trek novel The Price of the Phoenix. It’s honestly mindblowing that this book got published in the 70s. It has something for everyone: Protective!Spock, Kirk clones, a badass female Romulan commander, and even Vulcan mind links and marriage bonds–it’s all there!

  • Joanna: Daddy, there’s something I need to tell you…
  • McCoy: You can tell me anything, darling
  • Joanna: Uh, do you remember when you explained to me that some boys fall in love with boys and some girls fall in love with girls and that’s called gay? I thought about that and I realized that…
  • McCoy: I love and accept you, no matter what
  • Joanna: …You are gay
  • McCoy: Oh.