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I'm curious, do you have any ideas about crop top wearing Keith. or why would he ever wear one? (I enjoy crop top Keith I just cant picture how this happens)

umm…. crop tops r amazing and keith is easily the most fashionable paladin. keith was BORN to wear crop tops.

can someone link me to tht post where jason is like ‘bruce u dont even care abt me’ and bruce shows tht hes wearing an ‘i love my gay son t-shirt’ but then jasons like ‘im bi’ its important 

T-shirts, Top Surgery, Freedom for my birthday

ALSO since it’s my birthday, the day I was born, 23 years ago, brought to this earth in a flesh prison.. It would mean the WORLD to me if everyone could share this post (or even donate, if you wish!).

Honestly, my biggest birthday wish is top surgery. Someone please take these big ass saggy ass D cup milk sacks and free me.

I want to hike shirtless. I want to swim shirtless. I want to FEEL confident, happy, proud in my own skin. I want to feel like ME. Help make that dream a reality, even just by reblogging this post.

You can find my t-shirt store here;

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Thanks so much everyone!! Don’t think for a second I take for granted anyone who even helps spread the word. I can’t wait to accomplish this so I can get out there and pay it forward. Everyone deserves comfort in their own body.

Iero has expressed his pro-gay rights stance on numerous occasions, including wearing a pro-gay marriage T-shirt on tour and his home-custom red ‘Homophobia is gay’ T-shirt which has become a fan favourite. He also revealed to Rock Sound magazine that he voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election.

He has been a vegetarian since childhood after discovering the mistreatment animals endure in slaughterhouses and rearing farms and in 2008 PETA dubbed Iero one of the World’s Sexiest Vegetarians, alongside Alyssa Milano.


frank iero’s wikipedia page

woke bae much?